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How to avoid from pickpocket in every cannival

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As you know every Cannivals and Fairs must have many attentions for go to enjoy in cannival and fairs.But in every cannivals and fairs some thieves go to this too but for work as pickpocket and steal pocket from some careless people.It is my advice for avoid pickpocket.
1. Must beware between you walk in fair every times.Must notice as pickpocket can stay in everywhere and you must beware every time.
2. should save your pocket in very secret location by bring in zip too.pickpocket can't steal in zip too.
3. Don't eat anything without you buy.For example another give you because It may the trap of pickpocket too for make you sleep and then they will steal your pocket and gone forever by without any police or other person can catch them.
4.If possible you should avoid to go in very crowd section because very crowd section is main target for pickpocket.
5. Should bring weapon for self-defense if you can.Knife is good for self-defense but most of cannival don't allow to bring weapon entrance to cannival for defense from quarrel and using weapons so you can use another thing for example book or something for fight.
6. You must know as since pickpocket work sucessful.It is almost impossible as police or other person can catch them because they can work so fast and sneak so fast too so since your pocket steal by them you must pray only and tell police (if in your pocket had important document for example ID card , passport , car driver license or something) But you don't think about your money in pocket because they will disappear in very fast.
It is my advice and hopefully it will have useful too for avoid from pickpocket in fair and cannival.


Nice advice but sometimes no matter how you avoid pickpockets they are just everywhere.


Thank you so much my dear I try to write again for help everyone.


Kobkeaw, your how to article was an excellent one, but it was only 297 words. Please add three more words to your how to article regarding pickpockets. The How To Articles have to be at least 300 words to meet the word count. Also, some of your words are mis-spelled, if you could correct those words, that would be awesome as well. For example: Cannivals. That should be Carnivals. Thanks.

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