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How To Start Making Money Online With No Investment

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Hey Guys,
Since you're reading this, i know you're here to learn the ways of money making. You've been to all those PTC's and get rich quick schemes. Well, PTC's do make you money but the 0 Zero Investment way is painfully slow and the Get rich quick videos and webpages that you see are out of you're pocket's reach.

Well, I've been through the same and i know how it feels. Well, I'll be sharing a method here to make some initial cash so that you at least feel you're going somewhere. It's not much money but you can earn this in a few weeks and then build on with that money by investing it.

It may not be completely ethical but this is how i started.

Firstly, Go to a site called the GomezPeerZone. Create an account here and download the gomezpeer software. What this software does is, It uses your idle RAM and Processor and Internet speeds to test websites and their performances for different regions and speeds.

After you download the gomezpeer wait for your account to get active. It'll take about 2 weeks to become active. Well i told you it'll be slow at first. You can bookmark this now and come later when you're active.

When you're active on gomezpeer you'll start earning money. Now the earning that you get from gomezpeer is really slow.

Here comes the unethical part of it.
Visit this site(Not a refferal link).--> Exploit
Read about the exploit and download it and run it. You'll start to make more monthly. But I'm not talking about long term here, that's your choice.
Now here comes the long term part. Use the money from Gomezpeer and invest it so that you can learn about money making and make tons of more money over time.

What you do is gather up around 97 dollars. Should take you about 3-4 months or maybe more depending how you use gomezpeer.

When You're done making that much and transfer it to your paypal.

Then Goto :[url= ]Bring The Fresh[/url]

You may think that i maybe ripping you off but Bring The Fresh is the best resource for money making i've ever seen. They teach you live and working techniques that get you money.
Hope you try this and get rich quick Razz



Nice ways you have provided but these are really working or not?Lets give a try.


well, it all depends on how gomezpeer works on after using the exploit. When i started, i could rack up around 20-15 bucks each month. But now it seems that gomez has limited my processing time or maybe it's the regional thing. Though Bring The Fresh is really helping in the learning process. I'm yet to finish the course and what they teach seems to work every time. No BS.



Thanks for the information. I will have to check this out soon.

pradeep dwivedi

unfortunately i couldn't install this software and still i am looking to install again ,i think it's same as 20 dollar to serf and cash gopher ,but i don't know yet how much these cash bar software are effective because until i couldn't get any money from 20 dollar to serf and it is taking too long time to increase balance , so i am not happy with these kind of software tools yet .




sometimes ethics can be thrown aside ... Smile Smile

anyway, great info ... very tempting ... lol


Hey guys you all can make money to visit ads . just reg any free PTC site you can make money with no investment.


It is great opportunity to earn extra income but I want ask one question to you about this.Will this software affect my internet speed?As I am always use wireless connection I have to be alerted for use of internet speed by this software.


I have read about this yesterday but i dont install,i am afraid it migh slower my laptop,though yes i know its real paying iste because its a sister site of mylot where i am a member too and earning there,who is already installing this?is it ok?is there any problem with your pc with this,i really want to hear real feedbacks from members


There are chiefly two ways to earn money online and of them one is

Business mode- In this mode you can make sales of
your product or other’s products by means of attracting or drawing
visitors to your site even without any investment.

Job or employment mode- Here you may work on fixed time basis to complete a portion of work assigned when you are online.

But many online earners do it by first mode as it gives them more satisfaction and lifestyle than the job mode.

Business mode: This can be done by being an

a) Publisher:
Display of Ads of other’s product or services on preferably your
websites. This is termed as publisher mode. You sell traffic to

b) Affiliate marketer: This is a type of marketing products or services for a commission by being a publisher.

Online Job mode: These are mostly designed to work from home so you can have an extra money online. Some of them include

a) Online data entry jobs or typing jobs which are available for pay
for based on number of words typed, or forms filled or on hours worked.

b) Online surveys for product research or marketing research done by companies. You provide your valuable opinion for some pay.

c) Website development and/or its maintenance for a company or institute if you are a technically skilled guy.

d) Making of your pictures or cartoons etc for websites like flikr etc.

e) If you are a good at writing articles then you can work to write your articles for website based on their requirements.


yeah brother its really good and working ....


Earning money from gomez peer is really slow and one needs a large no. of referrals to earn a decent amount.


Thanks for your post.

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