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How to get your site on top of google! (forum method)

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Hey everyone!

Here is how you can get your site on top of google the easy way!
If you are running a GPT site or a blog about GPT sites (maybe with ref
links and such) this can help you get your site and it's main keywords
on top of google.

This is a forum version...mostly contains posting on forums with your link....

Here we go!

I need an example site, so lets use a site selling Zynga Chips (completely random)
We need to select a keyword, the word that will make your site come up
on when you search "google" on, google is first
on the list... "google" was the keyword

so in this would choose Buy Zynga Chips or Buy Zinga Chips Online

1. Go to and submit your site to ALL SEARCH ENGINES!!

2. Prepare a topic About your website. So in this case...create a little description about your site.
Have you ever ran out of Zynga chips and thought, can i buy these for cheaper, they are just so expensive!!
Well, now you can buy Zynga Chips Online for much cheaper prices
Here at
[ url=]Zynga Chips Online[
we sell Zynga chips to people like you! Come and check us
out now @

as you can see that little set of BBCODE with the spaces in it....get rid of those spaces and you get Zynga Chips Online
... That URL is called a Backlink. This backlink is what google's
crawlers look for when they scan for a keyword...every backlink equals
another rank up for your site....the more backlinks, the better your

3. Copy and past this into not
make it to fancy with to many colors...some forums are SMF, some are
MYBB, PHBB etc...different forum types = different codes...

4. Go to forums and look out for catagory's that suite what you are advertising....or ones that fit into what you are doing!
lets use thebotnet for an example... the Webmasters board and the Self promo board would be appropriate
here are a list of good forums to post on (none are as near as good as TBN!!)

thats just a few...i posted on around 50 different high PR forums and
now i am 5th for the keyword "Legit GPT site"... 3rd for the keyword
"GPT site".... 1st for the keyword "free money gpt".... 1st for the
keyword "paying gpt site"
thats just from link building on forums!!!!

Want your site on top?! Get to it today!
if you have any feedback, comments, or it!

+1 rep and thanks is appreciated if i helped


Thanks for posting the article.


Thank you for sharing. Its very helpful.


good sharing fren..and good job for u
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I have blogs running now.So this is useful information to get more traffic on my sites.I still need more traffic to earn in google adds too.


Thanks for the seo tutorial.


Very good post I live it. Thanks for the post.


Thanks for sharing information here currently i ma doing SEO form my site.I know it is always better to keep links in forums but many of them don't allow to promote site.I will try this.


Thank you for the information ,as for me I use html tags to refer my websites , between the head and /head in the html page you put
meta name="keywords" contents="soprt, football, ...."
and google find automatically these keywords.


Thanks for the how to, I had never submitted my forums to all search engines before ! But now I know how so thanks

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