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Where to adveritse to get UNLIMITED referrals!

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Hey all. Everybody thinks "How do i get referrals?" or "there must be more to referrals than just buying advertising"
Well, answering both questions right now and unlike others i am TELLING you the best places to advertise!
If you are looking to actually profit from these referrals then follow my instructions!
I was a referral leader until i gave up advertising and got stuck into my own GPT project.
Anyway, here we are.
Before we start, here are the best sites to GET REFERRALS ON:, why? $290 referral
contests, and 35% 1st level, 15% 2nd level, and 5% level 3 downline
earnings. Which is stunning because you can refer someone like JPOMERANZ
*from dealbarbie pays and PrizeLive* and receive an ultimate level 3
downline, why? $15 weekly ref contest, and 100% ref earnings which is the best rate you will obviously ever come across, Why? $50 fixed monthly ref
contest, up to 20% 1st and 2nd level downline earnings, and such an
attractive template for new members, why? $25 fixed ref contest, and up to 50% downline earnings!

Now lets get started on WHERE to advertise, shall we?
Ok, now here are some sites with the descriptions why they are so
good...This will cost you money but it is near GUARANTEED success.

1. and -
Clicksia/incentria offers cheap advertising, up to 20 signups for only
$5, and up to 200 signups for $45. Clicksia/incentria has a lot of
international members and usually international members are eager to
earn more cash. Target your site to ALL COUNTRIES. and simply put in the
description, "USER must signup and complete 1 offer." Most will do this
and some wont, but, think of it as a free signup

where to get refs from this site - GemClicker + PrizeLive

2. Aqualeads Affiliate - Aqualeads also offers a
great advertising system. It has a $5 min deposit minimum and you can
receive up to 180 signups from just a $5 deposit! Aqualeads ALLOWS you
to receive advanced geo-targeted traffic which also is an amazing

where to get refs from this site - GemClicker + PrizeLive + LionGPT + Dollarclickorsignup

3. SparkLeads Affiliate - SparkLeads is the
most ADVANCED affiliate for advertising. Advanced Geo-Targeting and an
amazing network of publishers truly does give you great results.
Sparkleads offers advertising from $25 min deposit. Thats up to 2,500
signups or even clicks to your ref link. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
international targeting, i found better results with this.

where to get refs from this site - GemClicker + PrizeLive

4. Banner space on EMS - Banner spaces on
different forums like EMS can truly earn you active referrals. Banner
spaces may not drive a lot of signups, but interested ones. Think, if
you looked at a banner you wouldn't join it because your getting paid,
it's because your INTERESTED! I do not mainly use this method so i dont
have many forums, but i have tried EMS and it is great for smaller sites

where to get refs from this site - GemClicker

These places are GREAT
to get referrals from, i won 4th, 3rd, and 2nd place 4 or 5 consecutive
months on PrizeLive, and i won $25 a week on LionGPT for 6 weeks
straight, that's $150 in 5 weeks! And thats just from the contests!
Tally up the ref earnings and the profits are endless!

+rep and thanks is appreciated if i helped!


On EMS's website, under the forum section, it is a paid to post forum? Thanks for posting.


RLFinNash wrote:On EMS's website, under the forum section, it is a paid to post forum? Thanks for posting.
No EMS never been and will never be a Paid to post forum. Its the forum for clicksia and Incentria. You can use EMS to get referrals by advertising or referral exchanges. So far its the most active forum site I ever joined.


Thanks for the information about EMS.


Nice pots but unfortunately most GPT sites are for tier1 countries only.

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