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Where to advertise your site and how it differs to other sites

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Hey everyone.
This is half-way between a guide and a make money thread...but i will give it shot.
This guide will DEFINITELY help you receive International, or even tier 1 referrals

My Method 1.....Getting refs from advertising

1. Purchase advertising on these PTC/GPT sites (most effective) (get a banner ad)

2. Purchase/Deposit some cash into an aqualeads or proleads advertiser account, then set up your advertisement.

3. Add some slots with your referral link in clicksia, and incentria. Then get your banner ad ready for neobux

4. Finish everything on pro-leads and make sure you ad is up to date

5. Watch referrals flood in. Set a tricky requirement like complete 5
offers then you can get income and keep it all going and going and

Your probably thinking...Any one could have done this. Well, if they
did, i wouldn't win referral contests on the GPT's i participate on

With this income, you will get active referrals, guaranteed 5 or more, depending on the population of your website!

My Method 2....The domain + MADVERTISING trick.
This method does require a lot of time and effort, but it is definitely worth it!

1. Purchase a catchy domain. Like, , the domain helps the keywords you use.

2. Set up your website, with all of your ref links, other website ECT.

3. Choose your keywords. Do not choose things like GPT, or legit gpt
sites, because it will make life harder for you. If you choose something
like getting gpt money that will help a lot because not many sties use
that keyword.

4. Search some popular Directory's in google. If you look hard enough
you can find a whole list. Un-related to GPT directory's still work.

5. Place your site into a directory and USE YOUR KEYWORDS. so when
someone searches a keyword on your site, example, how can i make money
online, you will be first in directory's and first on google

6. When your site is getting some decent organic, and search engine
traffic (you can check this with google analytics)... go to the GPT's
you are seeking referrals for and buy signup packages for the ones you
are also advertising....yep, confusing, so let me give an example...
You are promoting 44gpt and also 100gpt
you go to 44GPT.COM and buy a signup package to advertise 100gpt
then go to 100gpt and do vice versa
why is this? It helps you get referrals. Nothing to do with the website
you made. The more sites you have on your site, the more refs, the more
of a chance you will start winning ref contests!

if you think you tried this method and it doesn't work?
Here are some successful ones: (Search And Win) (mine, not much work in it but i get refs )

Think i helped? Think i didn't?
post it

Hope i helped


Thanks for posting the article.

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