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How to earn from your aurora site

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1How to  earn from your aurora site Empty How to earn from your aurora site on Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:22 pm


I will show you a little guide how to earn more being an aurora PTC admin.
After buying and setting the script, template, banner, ads, memberships, products, forum and all other necessary things on or before prelaunch this are the things you need to do and remember in running your site:
1. Don’t minimize too much your advertising cost
-Most new admins rely mainly on few popular forums like EMS to promote their new site, spent few bucks on advertising and leave the rest to the members. The first step in creating a successful aurora site is to get more members in less time. You may be thinking that’s its too costly if you spend more bucks in advertising to popular sites but remember you can only get more big advertisers if you have more members(1,000+) and good traffic(5,000+/day).

2. More backlinks
-this is very important for determining your website's search engine ranking, and popularity. Try to introduce your sites to all forums that you know.

3. Don’t put high valued sponsored ad
-Although you need to ad more ads to attract more members it isn’t advisable to add high value ones because it will be a great loss on your part. You may include point valued ads but you must also set the converter and the point store and also add low valued ads where you can earn from PTP hits. Then you add/set free PTC credits on every new members account for promotion purposes.

4. Payment to members
- Try to pay with in 24 hours for lots of clickers don’t have patience and will call a site scam because of delayed payments. It is advisable however not necessary to include this on your terms: “You MUST enter a First and Last name in your Profile(this is a must), and it must be the same name that you use for PayPal or AlertPay. You must also enter the same Email address in your Profile as you use for PayPal or AlertPay”. Most sites are now implementing this one and the others are requiring verified AP/PP to avoid paying cheaters.
- *If your site is already paying for 1 month try to contact Northow,EMS admin and get your GPT site owner to access the Private sections for GPT owners where you can see the list of well known scammers and check them if they are on your site.

5. Outside income
-This is the most important part, don’t mainly rely on the main site’s purchases. You can earn from selling unlimited hits to GIG sites like Fiverr(most popular) and gigbucks.
Example: I will send you unlimited traffic for 30 days for $5
I Will Send you unlimited Traffic for 30 Days from - They get 3,000K+ page views a day and still growing . I will set also your banners/featured banners ads, featured link and featured ads for free. I Will personally send out emails to my subscribers advising them to check your site and review them together with your product!
to Buyer:
Kindly send me your ads in this form:
Target Url:
Banner Url:(optional if you like extra banner ads)
I will also get the information above to set up your banner, featured banner, featured link, featured ads!
Now done thank you!
Tags: advertiser, unlimited hits, banners etc.
Then upload an image of you site. Now you’re done. Submit it then wait for the approval.

Assuming it has been approved and someone ordered try to deliver it on time and if possible avoid negative feedbacks due to delayed delivery. You can do this by setting the ads then make a image proof then upload it. Done! Just wait for the payment in your Fiverr account after 3 days.

*Try also to make advertising sales on E-bay and make auctions to well known forums like EMS.
I hope this guide helps. Thank you for your time.

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