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How to draw simple comic strip (the cheating way).

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Not everyone are good drawers. But ayone can create simple, entertainig comic strips on their own, witth a little help from technology.

You’ll need:


photo editing program

illustrations programs (optional)

This is what I do when I create comic strips.

Firstly, I plan the story. Stories can be about anything and
everything. But try to keep things short, like within 2-6 frames and simple to

Then, think about the conversations. They should be interesting
but as little and clear as possible. Too many of them is just boring to read.

Now, here is the tricky and ‘cheating’ part.

I believe the most difficult part of creating a comic strip
is not about the story or drawing the characters/conversations BUT the arrangement.
I see arrangement as the ‘view’ in video taking, if you take the video from a far
and behind a wall, you probably couldn’t see much and the video will be boring.
So, choose your ‘view’ wisely.

Think about which view and angle would create more impact on
your comic/story.

I think having an editing program is really helpful in this.

I am not good at drawing, what I do is:

Draw the characters (usually in simple shapes) with the
needed expressions and angle. Then scan it into the computer and place it on
some photo as background.

For example you need the characters to be in front of the police
post, just placed the drawn characters on a photo of the police post.

You can use the program to edit the photo till everything
blends well. Adding shadows usually helps in blending in.

This could also be done when your comic strip looks plain
and unattractive. You could use the editing program to adjust the placements of
characters/speech bubbles. Adding objects in the background or simply adding colours
to enhance it.

This may not be the best way to create your own comic strips
but this is how I do it, and hope it helps you start on yours.

Enjoy!! Smile


This is a very nice tutorial post.


Very good post I live it. Thanks for the post.


Innovative and funny. This is post which will give you the joy of creativity.

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