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How to Choose a Flash Unit for a Digital Camera

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      Check to see whether your digital camera has a "hot shoe." A
      hot shoe is a jack on your digital camera that connects your camera
      with an external flash unit. If it does have a hot shoe, you will find
      it easier to choose a flash unit for your digital camera. Newer digital
      cameras may even have a wireless hot shoe, which you can use with a
      wireless flash unit.

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      Identify flash units that are compatible with your camera. Choose the one that most suits your needs and budget.

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      Read the manual included with your flash unit to learn how to connect the unit to your digital camera.

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      Connect the flash unit to your digital camera and take pictures.

Tips & Warnings

  • Digital cameras are
    extremely susceptible to red-eye. Choosing a flash unit with a tilting
    head can eliminate some of this. Simply aim the flash toward the ceiling
    and bounce the light back toward your subject. Bouncing also eliminates
    strong shadows or lights in your pictures.
  • Due to
    changes in design and voltage, an old or incompatible flash unit can
    damage your digital camera. When you choose a flash unit for a digital
    camera, make certain it is compatible with your camera.

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