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How to Clean a Sterling Silver Neck Cross

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1How to Clean a Sterling Silver Neck Cross   Empty How to Clean a Sterling Silver Neck Cross on Fri May 18, 2012 7:32 pm


Sterling silver requires frequent cleaning to keep it shiny and
beautiful. Sterling silver tarnishes easily from the interaction of the
silver with sulfides in the air. Other elements that will diminish the
quality of sterling silver include perspiration, soap, chlorine in pool
water and salt water. Cleaning your already tarnished sterling silver
cross or other jewelry is quick and easy with supplies readily available
that are not as harsh as commercial silver polishes.


  1. 1

    • Rub your sterling silver cross with a soft cotton cloth. Try to remove as much of the tarnish as you can manually.

    • 2
      Line a small bowl with foil.

    • 3
      Pour 2 cups of hot water into the bowl.

    • 4
      Add 1 tbsp. Arm & Hammer washing powder (not liquid) and stir until it is mixed well.

    • 5
      Place your sterling silver in the solution for about a
      minute. The boric acid from the washing powder bonds with the aluminum
      foil causing a reaction that will remove tarnish.

    • 6

      Remove your sterling silver from the solution and rinse it in cold water. Let the cross air dry.

    • 7
      Place your cross in a bowl of warm water and dish washing liquid overnight if there is still a build up of dirt on your jewelry.

    • 8
      Brush with a soft toothbrush to remove any more debris.

Tips & Warnings

  • To maintain your
    sterling silver cross when it is not being used or worn, wrap it in a
    soft cloth and put it in a resealable plastic bag. This seals out the
    air to help prevent future tarnishing.
  • You can
    use sterling silver polish and dips as an alternative to this cleaning
    solution. They are quite effective in cleaning, but many will strip the
    color or polish from sterling silver. Also, the dips are hard to remove
    if they are accidentally left on too long or not rinsed off well with
    fresh water.

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