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Verified Membership? What is this?

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1Verified Membership? What is this? Empty Verified Membership? What is this? on Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:07 pm


Starting out on BrandFiesta....

Starting out on can seem some what daunting at first but once one becomes accustomed to the features here, it would be as simple as riding a bike with training wheels! Very Happy

Posting on BrandFiesta....

Posting is as simple as selecting a section to post in and begin typing. Although it may be tempting to just post as an anonymous guest, Idea you will not be able to post links, participate in discussions, nor will you earn any money from your activity on the site. affraid

Being a Member of BrandFiesta....

Members are a free step up from guest membership. Members enjoy being able to post links, participate in discussions, and earn money from being an active member on the site. For buyers, this means the member wants them to know who they are which adds a certain sense of security when purchasing from this member. However, the information is not verified and no guarantee is available.

Being a Verified Member of BrandFiesta....

Verified Members enjoy all the benefits of regular membership plus their sales are guaranteed up to $100.00. Buyers can enjoy the added security of knowing a members credentials are accurate and the sales are guaranteed. To become a Verified Member you can contact support and submit the necessary documents. Limited time offer available until October 1ST, membership is a refundable $100.00 when you cancel your account. However, if you complete a sale that is not trustworthy or suspicious, your $100.00 is forfeited. No

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