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How to stop snoring

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1 How to stop snoring on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:39 pm


There are many unfortunate people around the World who had been suffering from terrible headaches. Lack of sleep is one of the factors that causes these pains, but the main reason is usually snoring.

Who has not been disturbed by their partner snoring all night? Your partner may have many qualities and can even be rich, but the snoring ruins everything. The
snoring is a serious inconvenience for those people who can not sleep
with noise or even for those people who like to study / work overnight.

ourselves deprived of sleep as a result will lead to tired and stressed
mind, act negatively and thoughtless, problems in career and personal
life. In
fact, snoring can cause severe damage to the physical relationship of a
couple, because many partners complain that they turn off completely
when they hear snoring and as the days go by, the couple has a tendency
to sleep each to his side . Gradually, this can lead to separation of the couple and consequently to divorce.

This annoying habit requires strictly follow preventive measures. Arguments between sarcasm and people will not solve the problem, so try to avoid and not offend your partner.

Many people are interested in knowing how to stop snoring, but do not know the causes or what truly causes snoring. So in this article we will explain a little of everything and help you stop snoring.

Source snore

Snoring is not an incurable disease and is not even considered an illness. The act of snoring is proved by problems with breathing naturally.

While sleeping, a person will breathe the air that circulates vibrates the vocal cords, causing the sound somehow. The more air flow entering the greater the greater the turbulence and noise.

Ways to stop snoring

are several "remedies" that prevent the sound and help save a
relationship and let the person freer, among which we highlight:

* Avoid drinking alcohol, sleeping pills and tranquilizers will relax muscles and relieve breathing and, in turn, snoring.

* Smoking is another reason of failing to stop snoring and miserable people who live with you. This habit causes inflammation and swelling in the throat leading to difficulty breathing. Try to stop smoking at least 2 hours before bedtime.

* Trim the excess hair in the nostril, and clear mucus may assist breathing, helping to stop snoring.

* Inhale steam before going to bed will also be an asset to stop snoring and get rid of the horrible sound.

* The position also influence sleep snoring. Thus, prefer sleeping on your side instead of his back. Whenever
you find yourself in this situation will change and if possible also
ask your partner to wake you if the note this way to sleep.

* Eat foods rich in fat (eg pizza and hamburgers) is a bad idea because it increases the secretion of mucus.

* The pads are also using all the difference in your breathing. To stop snoring pillows opt for thicker, since it opens the way for better airflow in the throat.

* Do a walk after meals, help digest food better and get a good night's sleep.

* Using nasal strips can control the intensity, so is also recommended.

Talk calmly to your partner and explain that snoring disrupts your life and not let her sleep is a good idea. But do not argue, it will not lead anywhere. Suggest you pointed out here that these forms and see that your partner stops snoring in the twinkling of an eye.

you still can not stop snoring, you should seek a specialist
(otolaryngologist) that will tell you the reason of your problem, and
what you prescribe the most appropriate treatment to stop snoring.

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