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How to make your hair beautiful

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1How to make your hair beautiful Empty How to make your hair beautiful on Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:41 am


Hair is regarded as the business card because all people notice it. Having a perfect hair is as important as having beautiful skin and a perfect body.
To leave your hair fantastic just have to have the right care, that do look beautiful and radiant. Whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy. What is even more important to have a fantastic hair.
In these days, agreed with his unruly hair and is not very patiently availability or to make it fantastic? So take it easy, because we have everything you need to let your hair fantastic.
Do not sleep with wet hair.

Many people take a shower before bedtime to morning not having to wake up earlier. But ultimately lie with damp hair or wet.
This is a process that wrong not to do, because in the morning will have to face a war with your hair. Also, your hair is thick and can be more exposed to catching fungi on your scalp.
So never again repeat this process. It is preferable to take a shower in the morning, to let your hair beautiful throughout the day.
Stop having your oily hair

Often do not notice and leave shampoo on our scalp. This should be highly preventable because it is the main cause of your hair oily.
we suggest you start by rubbing the shampoo well into your scalp so
that the strands of your hair are not thick and without greasiness. In the end, remove the shampoo well, sure there is no trace and let your hair fantastic.
Number of times we must apply the shampoo

Usually, people put the shampoo once and think that comes to wash your hair properly. But it is wrong!
At least must apply twice: first wash removes stubborn dirt and the second will finish with the residues that remain. Therefore, let your hair fantastic without any dirt and super bright.
Do not use dryers with curly or wavy hair

Once out of the shower, dry your hair a bit with the help of his towel. Then tilt your head and put some cream on his scalp hair styler. Finally, put the towel over your hair and dry again, but this time with movements upwards several times.
Your hair will look equally fantastic and did not need to have used the dryer, the spoils.
Glow in the hair

Your hair is dull and does not know what you do? So, we have your solution. Near the end of washing your hair, try using mineral water in a last pass. This trick will leave your hair with the desired brightness and can even help improve the locks.
Mineral water will let your scalp get a balance of minerals and it becomes fantastic.
Another alternative method is, after washing your hair, the hair through with coconut water. This water will offer a seductive effect to your hair.
Moisturize your hair

Some people forget your hair needs to be hydrated in the same way that his skin. Then it's time to start hydrating your hair at least once a month.
Wash your hair normally and dry it properly as he previously taught. Once you have very dry hair, apply moisturizer to your hair from root to tip.

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