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How to stop being shy

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1How to stop being shy Empty How to stop being shy on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:03 am


Many people are naturally least conversadoras other and are sometimes misinterpreted. Being shy or timid is not a very pleasant aspect and is often associated with the word introverted.
A shy person does not mean you have to watch people going out at night and have fun, while staying at home and sulk. Despite being shy can be inherent in his personality, does not mean you have to always be so. You can stop being shy or timid through little tricks like making new friends.
The most difficult period is adolescence, it is the time when there are small wars by popularity. If a person is not leaving much or does not have an athletic and attractive, then other people will start to bug you. The consequence of this situation will pass by low self-esteem.
The student life is full of the word "if." Abundant thoughts like "If I can stop being so shy, so I could get better grades and talk to that girl" is a constant. This way, I'll leave you here some tell how to stop being shy.

Making new friends
Stop being shy or timid is a task a bit tricky, but not impossible. Meeting
people is a good start to counteract this trend, because you never get
close to anyone, then we will be isolated from that revolves around us.
not we have to approach someone if they do not want or large crowds
since it can make us nervous, but we have to make a little effort to go
to just talking with people.

Places that should attend
A good start to stop being shy is to go to a cafe or a bookstore. In general, these places are quite calm and where people gather to discuss interests. Starting at these sites is one way to start your process because these places are less intimidating than a nightclub. Then, little by little, will gain confidence and self-esteem increases, taking it to other places.

Talking to people
When you're shy, talking to people is very complicated. Thus, to ease some of this step, it is best to first try to talk with people you know well rather than strangers. Colleagues, family members or people you see every day and feel more comfortable is a good start.
Over time, initiate conversations with other people can get to be one of your gifts.

Subjects in common
Before you begin any conversation with a person, think about subjects that interest you and that you know well. No doubt it will be more confident talking about interests that are familiar and well mastered.

Practice the conversation
good technique to make good figure and not be embarrassed or speechless
before a person is to practice beforehand with a friend or a family
member. However, note that the conversation will not be exactly as it is to practice, but only a part. Thus, see also possible answers.

Ask for help
there is not much willingness to go it alone in these wanderings, then
ask your friends or family to introduce you to new people. People who know you well know perfectly determine the types of people who will feel more comfortable and unafraid to speak. So, ask them to help you stop being shy.

If you see someone standing alone at a party, then grab this opportunity and try to approach this person. Nobody likes to attend a party with no company and begins to feel uncomfortable. Who knows if that person can not be too shy / o and is waiting for someone to go to her / him?
Surely you will feel more at ease having a face to face conversation than trying to involve people at once.

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