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How to stop liking / loving

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1How to stop liking / loving  Empty How to stop liking / loving on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:31 am


The breakdown of a relationship is one of the worst moments in a person's life. May be due to lack of confidence, a simple misunderstanding. The end of a relationship may have been for the wrong reason and in this case we always try to win back the person and normalize the situation, however it is not always possible to piecing.
All relationships are different, but if the rupture was due to a betrayal or lack of interest, then reconcile is the worst decision. The past never forgets and it will harm the relationship. Love will never be the same as it used to be before ending the relationship.
After the rupture of a relationship is the ideal move on and stop loving partner and enjoy. Life is two days and must make the most of it.
Your partner may not have been the best pair for you, but you can always think about the possibility of being good friends. After all relationships begin with a great friendship, is not it?

How to stop liking / loving someone?
It's time for a change and forget the past. There is always depressed and her head on the moon and thinking "oh if we had done that way ..". From now has to lift his head and move on to a new adventure, start a new cycle of life.

Suggestions for moving forward
Not all people know how to stop liking someone and only see your pain ahead. Deprive themselves of their stuff and it seems that no longer live in this world. So then we will indicate good tips to smile again and stop loving.

Have a thought always positive
Ending a relationship is not the end of the world. There are many people who are even much better with the rupture of their relationship and have found inner peace.
The first step you need to do is necessarily positive thinking. Do not dramatize and think more in yourself and in what you can do in the future and risk.
Plan a trip, make new friends, go to movies, do all to understand that his life was not only his partner. It is also his. Do not try to fix a relationship that has ended and look forward and show that your partner lost.

Go shopping and a little abuse
The end of the relationship always leads to sorrow and bitterness. We always think it is the fault of our partner, but not always so. However, the relationship has ended, so make something that motivates you, that makes you happy and above all you do stop liking and loving person who caught a recent relationship, so grab any opportunity that lets you escape the failure of their relationship. Buy gifts and treats himself. Treat yourself!

Change your passwords and accounts
The main reason has not been able to stop liking and loving, not because it is unpleasant listening to advice from his friends and family.
Move and try to know what you truly want to question yourself to yourself and get answers.
Start by changing their social networking accounts and passwords and everything that your partner knew him. This will help you forget the step and change their lives, to think more for yourself. Make your goals are within reach, and not just want to give up.

Convey to your partner that is no longer interested
It's time to understand that your partner is no longer interested in him and wants to get rid of him and make his life. Prove him not to resume the relationship and wants to even go his way.
Sometimes the partners are stubborn and selfish and do not like to see us happy. However, he is more stubborn and show what is right and never give.

Do not expect your partner to change
Expect the day that your partner will change will deprive your happiness forever. Enough to create false expectations and try something new and productive. The change will help you see life from a different perspective and totally renewed.

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