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How to stop nail biting

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1How to stop nail biting Empty How to stop nail biting on Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:20 am


From that small gnawing fingernails and can not stop? Nail biting is a problem that affects many people. Thus, this article will be able to get some tips that suit your case and information on the harmful effects of nail biting.
Many people share the habit of nail biting and there is a great possibility that this habit has arisen in childhood. Hence about half of adolescents are rodents nail. If one is not alone.
people start biting the nail begins to grow when this and other gnaw
the skin around them, since not give long fingernails grow. Worse is knowing that a small minority of people ROI nails until they bleed. Doctors call this act of onychophagia.
the nail ROI has to be aware that affects their health, since that act
causes transfer of bacteria and viruses between your mouth and your
fingers, thus causing infections. And, even worse, may damage your teeth and your gums. Nail
biting action is socially accepted and a little bit embarrassing for
some crops, as it gives a very negative for an employer or a client. The appearance is something highly valued by our society today.
Nail biting is a reflection of inability to cope with stressful situations or nervousness. We have a tendency to bite us when we're bored, hungry, scared, anxious, or when we are confronted by a most painful moment. Soon, nail biting can be linked to unconscious behaviors that are repeated often.
Most people try to use your will power to stop biting my nails, but can only temporarily change your habit. Consequently may feel frustration and even despair. Want to stop biting your nails does not mean consciously unconsciously can win quickly. The subconscious mind is a very powerful weapon, and many people do not realize that. Our brain always goes in the direction to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

Tips to stop nail biting

In pharmacy there own bitter products to apply nail that challenge your taste buds to curb the vice.

Go back to old remedies and spicy put on the nails: the burning feeling in the mouth that vai vai serve as a brake.

By treating the nails regularly is possible to be motivated to keep them. If you have weak or brittle nails some pills with vitamin A will make them stronger in a few weeks.

Dip nails in a solution castor oil warm for 20 minutes and make it twice a week.

To be able to stop nail biting there are numerous formulas, but we will have to find one that suits you.
The main tip is to face your problem. No
doubt that when looking at his nails, examining their horrible state
where they are and accept that it is facing a big problem, is your
first step. Then mark the start day to stop nail biting is your second step. That
day put a reminder on your phone, select the calendar that has in some
red and leave the house to unwind as it was a special day (and in fact
will thus mark its first day without biting your nails). Another tip here is to let him occupy his mouth with something. Roa a carrot, chew one tablet, suck on hard candy or something, since his mouth is filled. Thus, will have no reason to attack again their nails.
Entertain your hands is another great alternative. Arrange
your home, make drawings, play a game on your computer or playstation,
go to the street run or make decorations, but keep your hands always
working. The
biggest trend of nail biting is when sitting on the couch watching TV
or in some car ride or watching a class or lectured, ie when it has
nothing to do.
A tip facing more females (although males can also try if you like the idea) is to paint your nails with an inhibitor. This inhibitor will try to discourage you to stop biting, since it causes a bad taste in your mouth. Apply
this technique several times a day, but if you get used to the taste of
it then choose a brand that really hate the taste and make it stop
Cover your nails with artificial nails or applying a little Vaseline can also be another alternative.
is not always beautiful floor with his hands in his trouser pockets or
jackets, but if it's a good way to stop biting your nails, then go
ahead. Forget the people around them and think over itself.
The level of clothing can always choose to wear gloves, although the summer is very unpleasant due to the heat. But gloves that have the fingers closed.
Chat with your friends, family or partner about your nails will also keep your mind focused on your goals. And
every time your nails improve, do not feel embarrassed and show them to
your friends, so you get the encouragement needed to continue and
perhaps be able to prove to some people with the same problem can also
knock down this barrier.

After some time, will be able to observe some nails strong and healthy and see how big they are. When
your nails are big power will take them to paint with a bright color
and realize the unsmartiness that has been doing for many years to biting
them. So it will give immense pleasure hit the nail.

During this process eat foods high in calcium and magnesium, so that the nails can grow more rapidly and in a healthy manner.
the end, will be able to laugh at yourself and be proud of yourself, as
could stop biting my nails and crossed a major hurdle.

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