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how to grow a beard

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1how to grow a beard Empty how to grow a beard on Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:46 am


Many men choose to cut his beard because they think it is a sign of beauty. However, having a beard and looked after can also be a sign of beauty.

Want to grow a beard and does not quite know how? For starters there are several forms of beards that adapt to the lifestyle of each as the occasion you want. For example beards are thin, large whiskers, other malformed.

However, we'll help you build your beard in order to get that look pretty and charming, no woman will be indifferent to you.

Every beard done well requires special care. Stay with our tips on how to grow a beard healthily:

Cut the beard

you want to grow a beard should always undo his beard to the opposite
side of its hair growth since its hair grows up in this way will create
a positive effect unnatural to the direction of growth of the beard,
which will that grow ever stronger and lose that youthful aspect, because the aim is to have a strong beard man beard and not a "boy".

Organization of the beard

Throughout the growth of his beard can not be misaligned or lazy with it. You must be always careful and trimming it to get going.

Set zones

should be noted the side of the face, particularly to the contour of
neck and the overall length of the beard, so that beard be well


If you want your mustache part of the beard should trim the upper lip line often.

Control distances

sure both sides are apparently similar, ie, that both parties are
equidistant from your face and with the same size, so that then do not
feel bad on the street.

Scissors adequate

To let your beard grow properly should have a proper scissors. Do not think any will do. It is recommended with round tips.

If not sure which to choose, then see a professional and ask him. See how he does, then you can start to do on yourself in the comfort of your home.

Beware of wet shaving

To grow a beard so perfect, is a focal point that can not trim your beard wet. The wet shave will get shorter, just unintentionally can cut hair too, because its true length is not visible. So always try to trim your beard when it is dry.

Trim the machine

If you do not have time to trim your beard, choose to use the machine. But be especially careful, since not guarantee an orderly pile.

Normally the recommended size for cutting the beard with the machine is 1 or 2, varying with your tastes.

Ideal beard

The beard should have the lower limit to the point of "Adam", ie a finger over it.

The beard and hair

To grow a beard properly, the size of it should be found always in harmony with your hair. Your hair should not have less volume than his own beard, so let your hair grow to be bigger than your beard.

If this happens you may be leaving it with a heavy appearance, which does not favor and leave you with a sloppy appearance.

Wash the beard

One way to wash your beard is while bathing. The
beard to be washed with shampoo and conditioner you use for your hair,
since it is no more than a continuation of his hair, then also requires
the utmost care and full attention.

Comb your beard

Growing a beard is spectacular, but it has some chores to do her hair. Just like that, his beard will be smoother and all organizadinha, offering you a more elegant look.

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