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How to quit smoking in pregnancy

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1How to quit smoking in pregnancy Empty How to quit smoking in pregnancy on Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:57 am


How to quit smoking? It's a question that many women place, especially when pregnant.

course, that when a woman is in a state of pregnancy / pregnancy have
more concern for their health and especially with that of her unborn

Women have to be aware that it is only when they know they are pregnant, you should stop smoking. Incidentally should begin some time before, barely begin to think about having children.

smoking is a very important step not only for the time of pregnancy,
but also to change habits that will affect their health.

timing of pregnancy is so beautiful it should enjoy it to the fullest,
in a happy and healthy alongside the people he loves most. Therefore, start now to stop smoking with our tips.

Benefits you will get after quitting smoking in pregnancy

Ill stop smoking your blood pressure will be lower. Furthermore, their blood circulation and improvements will also reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular problems.

quitting smoking, able to breathe more easily and without the
traditional cough, as well as being able to do more movements that once
the tired quickly.

Generally quitting smoking in pregnancy will bring only healthy benefits.

The problems that can cause your child to continue to smoke

Keep this in your head: babies of smoking mothers have higher risk of having future problems or being born with deformities.

children born to smoking mothers have low birth weight to his premature
birth or may come and suffer some respiratory problems.

smoking is not just thinking about your child that comes your way, but
also in the benefits it will bring to their life. Thus, stop smoking in pregnancy and get a healthy baby.

Tips to quit smoking in pregnancy

Think carefully about what you want and if you really want to quit. Get all your forces and start this fight.

You should start noticing what makes you unable to stop smoking.

to identify the times when smoke more, ie, the times when others are
more nervous or more stressful moments of your day-to-day.

You should also contact your family doctor so he can help and advise.

After all well defined in your mind, start by setting a date on the calendar to quit smoking.

should visualize yourself in many situations it will face as a people
to smoke at his side and the difficulties that will feel in resisting

Remove all cigarettes in your home, in your car, in your wallet everywhere.

Do not attempt this effort alone. To get stop smoking tell your friends and you are trying to see that they will help, will not disgusting.

Try to find people you trust and truly break out whenever you need. Resist temptation there and call asking for help to overcome this moment.

You can also try to help through natural products or medicines to stop smoking, but talk first with your doctor. You should not take medicines in its constitution that has toxic to substantiate her fetus.

Once you decide to quit smoking should also start thinking about exercising appropriate to their state of pregnancy. This will become more calm and that your baby was smiling inside.

You should be aware that food does. I suggest that is rich in vegetables and drink plenty of water because it is essential for a healthy pregnancy. The water helps to release their lungs are gradually smoke that was ingesting over time.

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