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how to control tantrums

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1 how to control tantrums on Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:24 pm


In life, there are many situations that can potentially cause him to lose control of his temper and trigger chaos. But learn to control yourself when you're about to have a tantrum is important to avoid unpleasant events. Controlling anger will ensure that their stress levels are reduced. It will also improve your relationships with family, friends and coworkers.


Focus. If you feel that you're about to lose your temper, try to focus and remain calm and level-headed. Try to breathe deeply or count from 1 to as much as necessary to keep your rational thinking and brain functioning. Tell
yourself that you will not blow up and repeat "I will not feel out"
several times, so that the message is deeply engraved inside.


Listen. When
you are in a situation that is making you angry, or when you disagree
with someone, try with all their might hear the other person and feel
empathy for her. Our ability to feel empathy for other people is crucial to be able to listen well and understand what people are really saying. If you are unable to feel empathy, you will not actually be able to hear. Try
to understand the conflict from the point of view of another person,
because they will appreciate it and respect you for listening to them.


Be objective. If you are in disagreement with someone, try not to take it personal quarrel. When you take something that someone tells you as a personal affront, you lose all form of objectivity.

* It is essential that you know how to identify what is driving the discussion for the personal side. So you can choose how you want to respond. Try to remain objective about the situation, as this will help you not get angry. Objectivity is an indicator of maturity and help you have much healthier relationships.


Wait. People
with problems controlling anger tend to react to situations
immediately, without giving themselves the time to consider their
reaction. If you feel that you are about to explode or lose your temper, try to take a moment to think and reflect before reacting. Use this time to think about what the consequences of an explosion of anger at the time. Learn expect is a great indicator that you are managing your anger successfully. You will feel really liberated and the whole process of anger management becomes fun.


Stop getting angry with situations over which you have no control. Traffic
jams, slow queues, strikes, damaged appliances, etc.., Are situations
that you would not change, therefore stay with their anger will only
harmful to you. You will not change the way things work, you can not prevent them from spoiling. Be
productive, do not get angry and use your skills to make the changes
that are necessary, how to plan a different route home using a map or
GPS, hitchhiking to a neighbor during a strike by bus or call a plumber
when washing machine ruin.


Learn the difference between expressing your opinions and irritations so angry and be assertive. Many
people never learn this and still think they can assert their views and
be heard screaming, cursing and trying to impose their views blaring. It is in this way that things can, you're just reacting in an angry and not using arguments to support the discussion. If
you have trouble managing the distinction between having their own
opinion and feel anger, seek professional advice or try to join a group
to learn how to control anger control techniques with others facing the
same problem and undo bad habits.

* Follow these steps every time you come across a situation that leads to angry. Use these instructions as a mantra whenever you are in a difficult situation and feel you are about to lose control. Do not crack, breathe: you'll get.

* Use breathing techniques and try to do a count devices are very important. They provide some extra time allows the injured part of your brain can connect with the rational part. Let reason and reputation guiding you, and not just the passion and the feeling hurt.

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