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how to prevent acne

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1how to prevent acne Empty how to prevent acne on Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:07 pm


The common acne (also known as "acne vulgaris") is a skin disorder characterized by frequently called pimples or blackheads. It can appear anywhere on the body and at any age, but usually affects teenagers on the face and back. Some factors, like being at puberty, can not be changed, but you can take steps to avoid and prevent acne. Stay healthy and presentable comtribuem removing the factors for acne.

edit Steps



Wash your face daily. There are many systems for skin care available. Make sure you use the right facial cleanser for your skin type (oily, dry or normal). Wash your face twice a day. When washing your face, use a warm towel or warm. The heat will open your pores and warm water is best to clean than cold water.



Wash your hair daily. The oiliness of your hair is to your face, which can cause acne.



Wash your pillow shams. The oil on the pillow can cause acne.

Pay attention to food



Drink plenty of water. You need to stay hydrated to have a healthy skin. That makes a big difference. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.



If you feed a healthy way. Stay away from fatty foods and salty. Vitamin C is very good for your skin (orange, raw red pepper, kiwi, grapes and raw broccoli, they all contain vitamin C). Also, rinse your face after eating - even if you have not made a mess. If you consume a lot of junk, should stop it. Studies show that soda, french fries and sweets cause more pimples. Alcohol is not good for the skin.

Products for skin care



Moisturize your face. Use creams and lotions to moisturize the face daily. It is very important to moisturize the skin after showering or washing your face. The water will dry your skin, making your body feel the need to produce more sebum than normal.



If things get serious, go to the doctor. He may recommend a prescription containing clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide, both of which are popular against acne.

If all else fails and you have serious problems, the Accutane (also
known as Roaccutane) will remove the underlying root of acne and will,
in many cases, you get rid of the problem forever. However, many have side effects - some potentially serious.

* Spread honey on your face with the back of a spoon. Press lightly and remove the face then repeating this motion a few times. Then wash your face (do this before a bath, so you can clean it without ending up watering more than the face unnecessarily). Your skin will look very clean and soft, honey removes dirt and dead cells from your face.

* Avoid drinking too much alcohol (especially beer) and eat spicy foods. They increase the level of internal heat, which the Chinese believe to be linked to acne. Salads and avocado will help.

* Drink herbal tea or green at least once a day to help detoxify your system.

Try * a schematic gentle wash their face twice a day. Then apply generous amounts of benzoyl peroxide and, finally, put a good moisturizer non-comedogenic.

* Clean the colon, taking psyllium husks with water once or twice per day. This is another great way to detox your body. Psyllium can be found at most drugstores and pharmacies.

* Sometimes, the best way to treat this condition is to do this naturally - for example, using natural products. Witch Hazel can help when applied with a cotton swab after washing the face.

Some people believe that green apples are extremely good at preventing
and combating both existing acne on his face as the body. To prevent acne, eat a green apple per day (slicing, if necessary, and eat throughout the day). And, to reduce existing acne, cut a green apple into four pieces and rub two on the areas affected by acne. If needed, use the rest or simply eat them. Combine this with the practice of ingesting drinking lots of water to get a good clean skin.

* If you wear eyeglasses, wash them, so that all the oil accumulated stay out of your face.

* There is no perfect creams or medications that make your face smooth, soft and free of acne.

* Try to sleep on your back as much as possible to avoid contact between your face and your pillow.

* If you smoke, quit. Nicotine, an ingredient found in cigarettes, was related to the eruption of acne on the skin. Stop smoking and see your skin become cleaner.

* Consult your dermatologist. It can help you get rid of the problem better than you can do yourself.

* Oily skin can be a bad thing. Fortunately, the oils from your skin will decrease with the aging process and you will not have many wrinkles when you're older.

* Always wash your face when you're sweaty. The oils from your skin can cause more breakouts. Stress also does this.

* If you have acne on one side of the face, may have to do with your phone or pillow, so be sure to wash them regularly.

* Make facials. They will help clear your skin, maybe a treatment free of trouble spots.

If you wear makeup or sunscreen on your face, be sure to remove them
before going to sleep or your makeup will have more time to be absorbed
by your skin.

Never make drastic changes in your diet or routine skin without
consulting a doctor; certain hormones can cause unexpected eruptions.

* Anything beyond very gentle cleansing can worsen existing lesions and even encourage new for damage or excess dry skin.

* You should rub your face if not existing pimples. Rub gently, avoid rubbing or too much pressure.

* Benzoyl peroxide can have a bleaching effect on clothes and hair. It may also increase sun sensitivity, so you may find that is burning faster!

* Creams and lotions can clog pores.

* Never squeeze a pimple as this can cause scarring.

Never touch your face before washing your hands, as this will only add
bacteria to your face and increase the likelihood of having pimples.

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