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how to be a lady

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Act like a lady



Be polite. Having good manners is essential to be stylish like a lady. Do
not listen to or tell dirty jokes: If, in your presence, someone starts
to tell a joke like that, you should apologize politely and escape the
situation. Read books that teach etiquette and always try to be nice to everyone, but do not be a doormat. You have no responsibility for their family, so it can not be judged on that basis. However, you will be judged by your friends - choose them wisely.


Remember that actions speak louder than words. Always act appropriately. For example, pull your skirt down the legs while sitting. Sit
with legs together forever, or, if necessary, cross your legs, but only
at the ankle, and position them next to the seat, slightly inclined. Do not abuse the food and avoid alcohol at parties or business meetings. Gluttony
or drunkenness shows lack of self control and may cause loss of respect
or create an embarrassing moment in front of your friends. Burp or fart in public is also bad manners.



Practice modesty. In everything that makes a lady, she will recognize those who helped before taking any credit for himself. A lady does not call attention to yourself, your valuables or your accomplishments. Having a good reputation can overcome all these things. A lady does not correct the other (unless they ask for your advice) and not act like you better than anyone. A lady not only thinks about herself. Practice modesty. However, be careful not to seem overly modest - not weak and submissive. You are very smart and stylish for that.



Never lose your temper. Do not let anyone do lose your mind, no matter how hard they try. Keep your composure. Express surprise or disappointment over the behavior of others, but in a moderate way. Thus,
you will show that the actions of others and affect the feelings you
have, otherwise people might think you're a heartless ice block. Drugs and alcohol decrease the ability to maintain self-control. Avoid using these types of substances!

Speak like a lady



Choose your words carefully. What you say and how you say are two important factors in the demonstration class. Always speak with a tone of mild to moderate - you do not need to raise his voice. If
you are dealing with a person who does not listen unless you speak more
aggressively, then it's not worth talking to that person. If you have nothing good to say, stay silent - take it very seriously! Swearing and telling dirty jokes are also inappropriate practices.



Sharpen your mind. Stay informed about world events, politics, award-winning films, plays and music. Then you can start and maintain conversations with a wide range of people. Having
culture causes the interests and knowledge expand, allowing you to
develop meaningful relationships, be they professional or loving.

Dress like a lady



Get into character. You do not need to wear a suit or a dress, but a lady always wears sober clothes and coordinated - and never wrinkled. No sweatpants! All clothing must be of the correct size for your body - not too baggy, not too tight. Always wear bra and panties. Nobody is considered fashionable exposes an intimate area of ​​your body (accented necklines, etc.). A lady will dress according to your body type, not in order to enhance their attributes. Do not change your appearance with multiple piercings and tattoos.

* Many women follow these steps in just a few moments. For example, you may have the need to be assertive and confident at work, but like to behave like a lady home. Or, you can be wild and crazy at home but prefer to behave like a lady in public. This idea is not very good, given that one of the pillars of being a lady is ensuring their integrity. Be a lady for everyone in all situations, but especially for those that are most dear.

In order to endeavor to say the right thing, think positively and find
a better answer to "the glass is half full or half empty?". The best answer is always "the glass is half full."

* Having confidence is a good tip for anyone who wants to behave like a lady. Hold on and show the world that you are beautiful and nothing can bring you down.

* Care hygiene and appearance are important. Bathe regularly. Use makeup and perfume sparingly.

Many people still think so archaic and consider that the more feminine
you are, the more you need help (ie less able you are). Be prepared for this. Show that a woman can be a lady and yet be self-sufficient. A lady should always exercise self; many drugs (including alcohol) reduce the inhibition and therefore lead to loss of control. Do not weaken with drug use: keep your dignity, self-respect and self-control.

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