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How to Make Money with Free Online Surveys

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1How to Make Money with Free Online Surveys Empty How to Make Money with Free Online Surveys on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:06 pm


you can earn a little extra money in your spare time answering online surveys. Companies that want to know what is in the minds of your customers are willing to pay for your opinion. Online
surveys will not leave you richer and not allow you to quit your job
day to day, but you can make some extra money while participating in a
fun hobby.
edit Steps

Search the Internet for companies that pay you to complete surveys. Do not fall for scams where companies require you to pay to find lists.

Fill in the forms of research. Many companies offer search forms when you register, which normally are not paid. But
it's worth the little extra time needed to fill out these forms because
the more demographic information the market research companies have
about you, the more targeted they are to call him.

Check your email for research opportunities. The companies in which you have signed up in step 1 send requests for research - some more frequently than others.

Choose the best and complete surveys. Now that you have a lot of research, you can choose the ones that seem most interesting and profitable for you. If you have time, do them all. Otherwise, decide which ones you want to answer. You have no obligation to complete any questionnaire if you do not want.

Earn a little extra money. When doing research, specify how the company will receive payment. Many companies pay in cash. Some offer prizes or products. Many companies allow you to accumulate points that can be exchanged for cash or prizes.

Stay smart. Some sites say you won an Xbox 360 or a new laptop, for example. Generally, there is an asterisk next to where it says "you won." That means you have to do something, like buy things before they start talking about your prize. Do not fall for these types of traps, they are ridiculously difficult and not worth it.

The more companies you sign up, the more research to answer you receive
in your email and you will have more opportunities to make money.
* Create an email account dedicated solely to research to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox normal. Also, add e-mail from companies to the Address Book. If the corresponding address listed in your e-mail account, he goes straight to the spam folder.
* Any individual site research can only send some research for you in a given month. The more companies you register, you will receive more research.
* If you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, try using the WOT extension to stop going to the websites of scams and frauds.

* Always check privacy statements. What information will be shared?
* Never pay any website to find these locations search for you. Search the internet for yourself.
* Make your own polls. Some survey companies give you points or put in bids to complete searches.
* Teens can also participate, but you should always investigate whether or not a company allows teens to participate.
* Many websites with online surveys often have spyware and viruses, so beware of them.
* Do not accept anything that seems too good to be true.
* You can earn around $ 1 - $ 50 per month for answering online surveys.
* Most search sites (and its affiliates) will start sending thousands of spam. Before
you sign up, you should have a separate email account (Yahoo, Google,
Hotmail and others that offer free services) and use it just for
signing up. You will probably get more spam that will fill your mailbox for e-mail. Have an e-mail with spam filters and junk mail options.
* Also avoid giving your phone number, as this can open the door to telemarketing. Some may even circumvent the locks phone because you signed up to receive information.
* What is your goal? Surveys are a good way to have an extra income, but you will not be able to stop their work accordingly. If you are wanting to earn more than $ 100/month, you should look for another type of activity, such as affiliate marketing.

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