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how to avoid gossip at work

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1how to avoid gossip at work Empty how to avoid gossip at work on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:17 pm


care of other people's lives is a sport enjoyed by very few people, see
the profusion of realities shows on TV in recent years. However,
according to experts, this may come accompanied by such famous gossip,
which can be highly detrimental in the workplace, so here are some tips
to keep away from her.

Seeing no sign of gossip, the professional must be absent and, if not possible, to avoid commenting on the subject.

you realize that people are talking about someone or some embarrassing
subject, the best thing to do is get away, go take a water, coffee or
even focus on something else," he says.

Subtlety and good humor

However, it is important to be subtle not seem unsympathetic to colleagues.

"The professional shall not engage, but should not adopt an unsympathetic, because the ability to relate is important. Alone,
the person may be vulnerable and end up having difficulties, for
example, to get help with work issues and even become the target of
gossip from colleagues. "

An alternative to handle the situation is good humor. "A person can try to play with the situation, without saying exactly what he thinks," he says.

And turning target?

The best way to avoid turning the victim of gossip is never be an agent of it. However, if you still happen, the professional must assess how harmful is the review before making any decision.

It is important not to have precipitated reactions. "A person should not take the comments as absolute truths and must focus on the work and its results. Thus the talk and does not hold over time, add ".

experts say, if the comment is very mean to the point of harming the
person at work, impacting on performance, worth a conversation to
clarify the issue with those involved and depending on the seriousness
of the matter, until even with the leader.

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