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how to sleep without being tired

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1how to sleep without being tired Empty how to sleep without being tired on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:36 pm


Sleep When You're Not Tired (a)

You go to bed early or go take a nap, but for whatever reason, you are not tired (a) or sleepy (a). There
are many things you can do to fall asleep more easily, but this article
will focus on some simple solutions and quick push your body into a
sleep mode when you are not feeling tired.



Set the temperature. The room temperature should be slightly cooler than what is comfortable for you. The slight drop in temperature induces sleep. But do not let yourself get too cold, especially in the feet, cold feet can be unsettling for you to sleep, then put socks! His feet get cold hate.


Adjust lighting. If
you prefer a completely dark room, cover all lights, as digital alarm
clocks or any other electronics in your room having light. If you prefer to sleep with dim lighting, use a sleep mask or dim the lights until you feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. Do not sleep with the lights on, because it disrupts sleep and makes it difficult to feel drowsy (a) and relaxed (a).



Adjust the sound level. Consider putting some white noise (sound machine, fan, etc..), It has been shown that it puts people to sleep faster. If you prefer all quiet, turn off everything that makes noise.



Adjust your sleeping position. Keep your back straight and make sure that your neck is not resting in one position too high or too low. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, because forcing her head to one side is bad for the spine and neck. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow or rolled towel strait between your knees to keep your hips in a neutral position.



Make your bed more comfortable. Replace your pillows by keeping in the guest room. If your mattress is irregular, take it or cover it with a cushion of foam or other blankets.



Recreate boredom. This varies from person to person, but whatever the activity, it should calm your brain, do not turn it on. A slow and soothing music lends itself well to this. Read something that is completely uninteresting works for you too. Some types of puzzles or games can also function as Sudoku or patience.



Perform breathing exercises. Try abdominal breathing, pranayama (yoga breathing) exercises or holding your breath for a while. The slow breathing lowers your heart rate and lowers blood pressure, so do not do it if you have low blood pressure.



Visualize something relaxing and repetitive. For example, think of small waves that wash and warm your body at regular intervals to coincide with his breathing. Meditate to calm down and clear your head. If you are looking forward (a) with respect to anything in particular, visualize overcoming their fears.

Think about one of the most beautiful and calming you ever been (a
stream of clear water running in a field of wildflowers in the
mountains, going to a serene lake). This should help you relax. (If that makes you want to urinate, think of an alternative place).

* A good tip is to focus on parts of your body. While
lying (a) in bed, start with your hands and tighten your muscles:
compress and release while imagining to be releasing the area. Then tighten and release the muscles in your forearms. Continue with the rest of your body until you get to the toes. Then start from your toes making his way back up through your body get your hands on. Before you know it, your body will be relaxed and ready to sleep.

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edit Tips

* If you need to often sleep in a room that can not be completely dark, a sleep mask can help you (a) to sleep better. The kind with a layer of molded foam works best, since it will not press your eyelids and interfere with sleep cycles.

* Avoid excitement and stimulants before bedtime. Avoid vigorous exercise, watch television, use the computer, drinking coffee, tea, tobacco, etc..

* Take a hot bath and relaxing as this should make you feel sleepy.

Herbs that may help include: Valerian root, Kava Kava tea, Suntheanine,
passionflower and melatonin (technically, it is a hormone). They can provide a deep, restful sleep, without the harmful side effects of drugs to sleep.

You can recreate sleepiness: imagine the last time you had to get up,
but rather have stayed in bed for "just five extra minutes." Mentally put yourself in that situation to rediscover his appreciation for sleep.

* When you close your eyes, force them to turn back upward toward his forehead, as if someone rolling their eyes. It's where they go when you fall asleep.

* Go to the bathroom to get more comfortable and avoid having to get up then.

* Try drinking some warm milk before going to bed.

* Tap sounds of the ocean or forest.

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edit Announcements

* Do not stress about falling asleep, thinking "I have to sleep now or else ..." This creates anxiety that prevents sleep. Instead,
stay relaxed about it: "It would be great to sleep now, but if I do
not, no big deal, at least I'll get some rest and get a chance to

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