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how to Make Friends

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Be like a lone wolf can have its advantages. You
have more time available to do things like, for example, reading books,
writing, walking alone to reflect or any other solitary activity. On the other hand, have friends can be even better. There are times when you need someone to talk to. And with friends, you can play games, go out partying or simply talking on the phone. So please read these tips on how to meet new people and create friendships firm and lasting.


Spend more time with people.

Spend more time with people.

Spend more time with people. If you want to make new friends, the first thing you should do is leave. His future friends will not knock on your door while you continue playing at home on your computer.


A good start to fit in is to join some organization or club where there are people with the same interests as yours.

A good start to fit in is to join some organization or club where there are people with the same interests as yours.

A good start to fit in is to join some organization or club where there are people with the same interests as yours. It is not necessary that people have many interests in common in order to start a friendship. In fact, the most rewarding friendships may be among those who do not have much in common. But if you like some issue in particular, nothing prevents search for people who like the same thing. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, among others, can be a good way to meet new people and to learn more about them. A church, a temple or any other place like it may be a good place to start - provided you have the same religious beliefs.


Between stops a sports team. A
common mistake is to think that you need to be an excellent player in
that sport to be able to make friends with the rest of the team, but
not all teams are competitive. Since you enjoy the chosen sport and support your team, become part of a sports team can be a great way to make new friends. But this is not the only option if you play an instrument or sing, try joining a band or choir.




Volunteer. Voluntary service is another excellent way to get people of all ages to get to know. By working together in a common cause to other people, you create bonds of friendship.



Talk to anyone you do not know. Similarly
you can attend a club, go to school or to church, and yet not make any
friends because in reality, you do not talk anyone, the reverse can
also happen. You
do not need to be involved in some type of organization to be social,
because every time someone comes near you to talk, you have the chance
to create a lasting friendship. You can start a conversation even when no issue. Talk with everyone: with the clerk of the store, the person sitting next to you on the bus or who is ahead in the lunch line. Do not be too demanding. You never know how a conversation can end. You
can not go back to talk to that person again or just win one more
known, but in any such attempt, you can get to make a real friend.



Make eye contact and smile. If you have a feature unfriendly, it is more likely that people are less receptive to your friendship. Show that is affordable. Do not show that you're bored, do not frown and crossed arms or leave. Such habits can pass on to others the impression that you are troubled or disinterested.



Start a conversation. There
are many ways to do this, a commentary on the current weather (This is
a classic: "I'm glad it's not raining like last week!"), A request for
help ("Can you help me take those boxes if
you have a little time? "or" Can you help me choose which gift is best
for me to buy for my mom? ") or simply make a compliment (" This car is
beautiful "or" I love your shoes "). Comment something and, shortly thereafter, mend a question: Do you like this warm weather? What kind of gifts you usually buy for your mother? Where did you buy your shoes?



Be quick conversations.

Be quick conversations. Keep the conversation light and cheery. Even
if you're complaining about something, make sure that both you and the
other person are dissatisfied with it and remember to emphasize the
positive aspects - for example, what actions can be taken to avoid this
situation with re- happen in the future. Experts
say a good way to keep a conversation like this is 30% of the time
talking and listening during the other 70% where possible.



Introduce yourself at the beginning of the conversation. It can be something as simple as saying "Oh, by the way, my name is ...". Once you have been presented, it is common that the other person do the same. Caution: Keep the person's name as well! If
you demonstrate that you remember the last conversation we had, you
will not only look smart but also will make the person see that you
were paying attention and that you want to be a true friend.



Call someone to talk to. You
can open your heart, but it will not give you a new friend - unless you
give an opportunity for a new conversation or meeting.



you find that there is a common interest between you and the person
you're chatting, ask that person things about this and, if it comes to
the case, if it meets with others to share this interest. If so, this would be a perfect opportunity for you to ask to join the group. If you express a clear interest wondering where and when the meetings are held, who attended, etc.., They will probably invite. But
if you're part of a band, church, or anything else that you think they
might like, let your phone or email and invite them to join you.



Call the staff to lunch or coffee. So, you have a better chance to chat and get to know better. A
good way to increase your chances is to say: "Well, I gotta go now, but
if at any time you want to talk over lunch or coffee, here's my phone /
e-mail." This gives the other person an opportunity to get in touch with you. Even if the person does not give you their contact information in return, no problem. Maybe she does not have time for new friends, so do not take it personally! Just provide your contact who seem to be a potential friend, surely someone will look.



Do not push anyone to be your friend. Never
complain if your acquaintances do not invited to a party, for example,
not be calling the same person many times or going places without
having been invited. In
general, begin their new friendships slowly and not try to make the
intimacy grow very quickly, can take a long time for someone to stop
being known only to become a friend. Understandably always want more of something that is good, but try not to exceed. If you are unsure of how is the pace of his new friend, ask directly to your friend. When
the pace is too fast, you may end up scaring or intimidating the other
person, and not everyone is willing to say "Let's slow down ...". Instead, that person can get away from you!



Be loyal to your friends. You've probably heard by interest in friends. They
are always by your side when everything is going well, but when you
really need, nobody knows where they ended up, all gone. Being a friend is to be prepared to sacrifice their time and energy to help other friends. If a friend needs help in some task not very pleasant or simply need a shoulder to cry on, be present. If your friends make a joke, laugh with them. Never complain to a friend.



Be a good friend. Once
you have started to spend time with potential friends, remember to do
your part (ie initiating some activity, remembering birthdays, asking
how the other person has passed). All this is important so that friendship does not become unbalanced, which could cause discomfort or even a distance.



Be confident. If you and your friend combine to meet somewhere, do not be late, do not wait. If the delay is really unavoidable, call him as soon as possible to notify. Apologize and ask to reschedule. Do not leave without even waiting warn, is rude and certainly not a good way to start a friendship. When you promise something, obey. Be a person whom everyone can trust.



Be a good listener. Many people think that to be seen as friends, they need to look very interesting. But more important than that is the ability to show that you are interested in others. Listen
carefully to what people say, remember important details (like name,
preferences, etc.)., Ask about what they like and enjoy this time to
learn more about them. You
do not have to want to be the one who has the best stories that others
should not abruptly change the subject rather than to follow the
conversation. These people seem to be already too involved with themselves to be good friends.



Be trustworthy. One
of the best things to have a friend is to have someone to talk about
everything including secrets you hide from the rest of the world. The
key to becoming a good confidante is the ability to keep a secret, and
you should already know that, so it should not tell others what was
said in confidence. Keep in mind that recent studies show that people rarely keep secret. Before a person feel comfortable enough to open up to you, it takes you to build that trust.



Choose your friends wisely. As you gain more friends, you will realize that certain people can be easier to handle than others. Sometimes,
you will also realize that certain friendships are unhealthy - such as
when a person is excessively needy, possessive, critical or introducing
dangers or threats on his life. If this is the case, find a graceful way out of this friendship possible. Occupy yourself with other things, as a new volunteer. That way, you can honestly say does not have much time to spend with this friend. Take
care of those friends who are positive influences in your life and do
your best so that you will also be a positive influence in their lives.


Emphasize what you are good. Are you funny? If it is, great, a little humor always keeps the conversation lively and cheerful. People love to stand next to someone who makes them laugh. But if this is not your case and you have a different style of humor, let them know that. Thus, they will understand you better and maybe have more interest. If you are a single person, then show it!



Encourage friends: true friends encourage each other. Remain alongside in good times and bad. A friend never laugh at another friend in front of other people.



Get a job. Many people meet and socialize that way.



Be confidant. Many people are reserved, shy and afraid to start a conversation. Make an effort to start talking, regardless of how much can be uncomfortable at first.

* Learn how to entertain. Give a reason for people to want to visit. Offer something they do not possess. Even
if you do not want your pool or your game are the only reasons for
people to visit, this can be a good opportunity for you to socialize
more and for people to know you better.

* Friendship requires tolerance, and it comes down to how much you are willing to give and take.

* Do not judge others solely based on their own values.

* Accept your friends as they are. Do not try to change them because this may damage the relationship.

* Introduce your family to your friends. Thus, there will be more chances of maintaining contact.

* Be unique. When you have something interesting that others can learn from you, they tend to stick around to ask about it. This
usually happens when you have a lot of knowledge in some area popular
yet complex, controversial or that generates a great debate. Some
of the most interesting people we find have a great knowledge regarding
politics, religion or different topics, such as astrology and


You do not need to be a popstar to be fun. Not clowning. What you need is to be positive and friendly people enjoy his company.

* When talking with a person for the first time, use your body language to show that you are affable, quiet and affordable. Smile often and make eye contact. In other words, be confident, but careful not to move an image of arrogant!

* Generally, the Internet is the best place to make new friends. However,
it is possible that you invest a lot of time on someone who considers
as a friend, but did not come to know personally because of the
distance. Keep in mind that you will talk to several people before finding someone online that really goes well with you. Always be well presentable - if female, you may want to pass a light makeup.

* If you have a popular friend, ask them to introduce you to people you do not know. Suggest that he call one or two people to go out with you. It's a way to make friends who have something in common.

* Let the friendship grow naturally, not force. Nobody will be your true friend if you can not be yourself.

* Know that this is not an exact science. There is a step-by-step foolproof way to win friends. It is a natural process. If that happens, it surely will.

* Be open to new possibilities. You never know what's coming.

* Friendship is a feeling that makes the other happy and comforted. Whether it is a person, a pet or anything else.

* You can change yourself, but do so only if it is for their own sake. Do not try to change just to fit into a group and thereby make new friends. A
true friend can even do things we do not want - like help in changing
colleague or watching a band that does not like - but in no event
should feel pressured to do something they consider to be wrong.

* Do not act against their convictions or beliefs. Even if it makes it to lose some friends, you'll be better off without them. You
will see that its integrity can help you win friends and best, if you
are yourself, you will make friends who like you as is.

* Do not leave old friends aside just because you prefer the company of someone else. This is a big mistake. It's
great to have different groups of friends, but if you leave one because
of the other, may end up without any friends in the end. Remember: make new friends but keep the old.

* Do not try to buy friends giving gifts or money. It may be legal gifting a friend occasionally, but do not overdo it. He just might like what you offer, and not you as a friend. Likewise, do not be asking their friends to buy things for you, like candy, for example. You may be considered annoying or someone who just wants to take advantage.

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