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How To Keep Safe on the Internet

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1How To Keep Safe on the Internet Empty How To Keep Safe on the Internet on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:46 pm


price you pay for the convenience of using and enjoying the bank, shop
or other form of online services is the ease with which others can
steal your information. Follow these strategies to stay safer on the Internet.

of fake emails that claim to be free market, eBay, PayPal, a bank or
some other company that you trust, requesting personal or sensitive
information. This is called phishing. The e-mail will inform you of any failure or problem in your registration or password. There may also be a link in the email for you to click. Please forward any such emails to the company email which claims to represent. They will confirm if this email is true or not. Also, keep in mind that email programs like Yahoo!, MSN and Gmail will never send you emails asking what your password. Do not fall for it.

give your bank account information or credit card number unless you are
making a purchase on any site that is well known and trusted in terms
of commerce. Check information about secure transactions. The best companies will have many security mechanisms. You can find a gold padlock in the bottom of the page as a way to indicate that this site is secure. When
you provide any banking information or any other personal and
confidential information, make sure the connection is secure (https
URLs start with safe, colon (Smile and two slashes (/ /)) and that the
site is perfectly trustworthy. Not all sites that use HTTPS or accept payments are reliable.
Do not give out your full name, address or phone number to anyone online who you do not trust or know personally. This
is especially important when it comes to chat rooms or when negotiating
employment or proposed sites for meetings / gatherings.
Read the fine print. There are many search sites that pay you to answer questionnaires and surveys. If
you do not wish to receive emails with massive advertisements and crap
that are not of interest or have your email address entered in any
telemarketing list, look for a small box that usually is at the bottom
of the page that asks if you want to receive information and offers from other empesas. The best companies have an agreement and you communicate that they will not sell your information to other companies. Some sites require all your information before you can deliver the product - although often you can get tons of spam for it. Fill out the required fields only, usually followed by a *. If the field does not have an asterisk, it is an optional and you can leave them blank.
Learn how to protect your family members, if necessary. Make sure to have mechanisms to protect children when you are not around to watch. Make sure that you and those you love SABAM the basics to stay safe on the Internet.

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