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how to unclog clogged ears

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1how to unclog clogged ears Empty how to unclog clogged ears on Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:15 pm


Ear wax is natural and common cause of clogged ears. Here are some instructions on how to safely unclog the affected ear. If your problem is behind the eardrum to the inner ear or auditory tube, this solution will not work.



Fill a small bowl with a little warm water.


Add a quantity equal to or slightly smaller than oxygenated water (hydrogen peroxide) 3-4%.



Fill a syringe or dropper with this mixture.



Lie on your side and place a small amount of the mixture into the affected ear with the syringe (unaffected side down).



Continue lying (a) side by approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You should hear the bubbling hydrogen peroxide in your ear.



Place a second small bowl in your ear when the bubbling stops. Turn your head to drain the ear to the bowl.



Refill the syringe and, with the bowl in his ear, squirt the mixture into your ear with a small amount of pressure. You should be able to feel the pressure of the liquid, but do not tighten the syringe too hard, because it causes pain. Repeat this step until you run out of a mixture of water / peroxide.

* Use boiled water (having left to cool, of course) helps reduce the risk of ear infection!

* It is best not to use or any other waterpik water jet machining. If you can not hear due to the blockage of one or other ear, you better consult your doctor at the local clinic.

A simple mixture of white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and mineral oil,
1/3 of each in a small flask fitted with a dropper, will clean your
ears with less mess. Squirt
a few drops daily in his ears and hydrogen peroxide will bubble and
"scratching" impossible to scratch that itch, kill any infection and
start breaking the ear wax. White
vinegar will also soften the ear wax and create a hostile environment
for infection, and mineral oil will help make the ear wax to flow out. This
is an excellent treatment for animals with ear problems, especially
older dogs with serious problems wax and ear sensitivity.

Remember that if you are uncomfortable doing this, you should not
hesitate to get professional help from your doctor about whether this
method is right for you or not.

* If you do not have hydrogen peroxide, yawn and chew some gum may help.

* Do not do this if you have recently had any head trauma or plane trip.

* This is to remove natural wax from the ears. If there is a foreign object blocking one ear, consult a doctor.

* Put cotton in your ear while you remain lying (a) side may help prevent spills. (Never
force the cotton inside the ear canal, just hit so comfortable at the
opening of the external ear, and do not forget to lie with the ear
being treated up.)

* Do not try this if there is any opening in the eardrum (eg, ruptured ear drum or tuba).

Make sure that when using the syringe to enter the mix, there is enough
space around the tip of the syringe into the air escape from your ear.

* Do not try to attach any kind of 'needle dispensing' the syringe! At no point should any part of the syringe into the ear.

* For your comfort, make sure that the water is heated, as the cold water will cause a loss of balance, or even a backlash. Squirting cold water in the ears serves to test the awareness of victims in a coma.

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