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How to Put Contact Lenses

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1How to Put Contact Lenses Empty How to Put Contact Lenses on Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:22 pm


One. Take care of your contact lenses when they are not in use.


Wash your hands with soap. Rinse well to remove residual soap. Dry your hands with a towel (paper towels or toilet paper can drop pieces) or, if possible, with a hair dryer.



Remove the lens from its case. Unless the prescription is the same for both, remember to check that the lens is the eye of the right or left.



Place the lens on the index finger that you feel most comfortable using. Handle with care, or you may damage the lens or reverse. Make sure that the lens sits with the concave side up on your finger, without any of the side walls sticking to your skin.

* If it is a soft contact lens, make sure it is not turned inside out.

* While still in his finger, inspect the lens to see if they have any rips or dirt.

* If there is visible dust or dirt, wash with a suitable solution for contact lenses.



Gently pull your eyelid away from your eye. Use the index finger of the opposite hand to pull the upper lid up. Use the middle finger of your dominant hand (ie, the one with the lens) to pull the lower eyelid down. As you become more experienced, you can do this just by pulling down the lower eyelid.



Aim the lens to your eye calmly and firmly. Try not to blink or move up too. (It may help to look up.)



Gently place the lens in your eye. Make
sure it is centered over your iris (ie, the circular colored portion of
the eye), sliding it over his eyeball, if necessary.



Release the eyelid. Make sure the first drop under the eye lid; loosen the top first can create small air bubbles in the eye, which can hurt.



Blink slowly, so as not to dislodge the lens. Take note of any pain or discomfort you may have. If you think something may be wrong with the lens, remove it, clean it and try again.



Repeat with the other lens.



Pour the solution for contact lenses of the case to the sink and close the case.

* Be sure to put your contact lenses before applying makeup, to avoid contamination of the lenses. At the end of the day, remove your contact lenses before removing any eye makeup. The rubbing motion used to remove makeup may tear the lens.

* You can get frustrated if you can not put the lens immediately. Just wait a few minutes and try again! It is easier to put the second lens.

* If the lens of your eye drops, wash with appropriate solution. No exceptions! Poring
over a sink to put the contact lens is a good idea because it gets
harder to lose, just make sure you close the sink drain. A good and clean mirror is also useful - especially if you have magnification.

* It will be easier to put a contact lens if you try this with your optometrist or ophthalmologist first. Generally, this is a requirement, but if not, ask.

* If you think you do not fit the lenses in your eyes, talk with your doctor. He probably can you recommend another brand or type of contact lens. Remember that you will have to go to the doctor regularly to check your eyes and refresh your prescription.

* If you are new to lenses, use them only a few hours per day. Make sure you get them immediately after work or school, so give your eyes a rest. If the eyes become dry during the day, place 1-2 drops of collyrium, more than that the lenses can slide out.

* The eye exposure to smoke, shower, lake or pool water can irritate them. For short periods of time, you can simply close your eyes, but for longer periods, use your glasses or goggles.

If you find it difficult to insert a lens without blinking, you can
practice placing a drop of solution on your finger, pointing to the
white of the eye and touching it gently.

* Wait until your eyes become accustomed to the morning light before inserting contact lenses. You may also want to wash the dried mucus around his eyes.

You may find it easier to see where you are putting your finger if you
look at the reflection of the lens on your finger in your eye.

* If your finger is dry when you put the lens, it will become stuck, making it easier to put it.

* Practice, practice, practice! After about a week, you'll get the hang of.

* Never rinse contact lenses in regular tap water! This will only make them dirty (or drier than before). Tap water (and even mineral water) contains chemicals or bacteria.

* If you start to feel an unusual pain, even after removing the lenses, ask your eye doctor.

* Do not place the lenses turned upside down or if there glitches or tears.

* Always remove contact lenses before bedtime, unless your doctor has prescribed lenses for extended wear. Sleep with them can save us time, but can cause a corneal ulcer! If
you have sensitive eyes, the effects are rapid, causing pain and
aversion to light the next day, but even the least sensitive eyes have
problems. If you need to sleep, simply throw away the disposable contact lenses before going to bed. If you do not have a holster, and a sterile solution for contact lenses are good substitutes. If you forget, you might have to wear sunglasses (keep a pair of glasses handy) the next day. It can be difficult to use lenses next day.

* Lenses require more maintenance than glasses: you have to clean them and store them every night. However, the glasses can mess during physical activity or daily activities. Examine your options carefully before switching to contact lenses.

* Never put disinfectant in the hands before inserting or removing the lenses. But wash your hands with soap!

* Be sure to wear safety goggles when skiing or snowboarding with the lenses, otherwise they may become trapped in their eyes. If this happens, contact your eye doctor immediately.

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