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How to Learn to Accept Yourself

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1How to Learn to Accept Yourself Empty How to Learn to Accept Yourself on Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:16 pm


Many people in this world are not happy with their appearance, shape, body, visual style, etc.. If you are one of those people, then this article is definitely for you. Dealing with feelings of disgust, anger and uncertainty itself can weigh heavily on you. Learn to accept yourself for who you feel is incredibly good.

edit Steps



Instead of looking and concentrate on all the negative things, try and focus on all the good qualities you possess.



Make a list of all defects and all the qualities you have and compare them. If the list of "cons" is greater, find a way to shape some of these defects and transfomá them into something positive. For example, if you think you are very frank, this mold - you are honest and do not mince words! Usually the bad list is longer because of their own insecurities.



Every time you look in the mirror say something good about yourself. Your thoughts have tremendous power to help you change the way you think.



Instead of feeling bad about yourself, do, every day, something to correct the defects he perceives. If you have a problem with your weight, try exercising. Style? Try a transformation! There is a solution to every problem if you are willing to make an effort.



Tell yourself every day that you are a beautiful person and single. And then that person you dislike both will turn into an extremely beautiful and remarkable.

* You are training to love and accept yourself. It takes a while, be patient with yourself! It's hard to change a lifetime of conditioning from one day to another.

* Love yourself and learn to ignore negative thoughts. Stay strong and focused.

* During the steps to recover, you may encounter obstacles that leave you frustrated and angry. Stay calm and firm and try to release anger in a constructive way. Try writing on a paper and rip it, or have a mentor you trust to talk to.

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