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how to as Concentrate

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1how to as Concentrate Empty how to as Concentrate on Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:32 pm


able to concentrate fully on one task are high achievers - brilliant
professionals, people from big business, executives, leaders in the
world of finance, science, inventions, literature and education - no
matter what kind of work. The
point is that when these people get hay, hay they take, when they write
a book, they write the book, when managing a sales campaign, they
manage the sales campaign. These people focus on that particular thing they are doing at the moment, nothing else, and give everything they have for it. But behind it all there was a lot of mental discipline, habit formation and training of the brain. Consider some of the steps that these people climbed.



Relax. It
may seem a little paradoxical that the first step to improve
concentration refers to relaxation, but there are many intellects
intense concentration that fail because they never relax. Failure to let things flow between efforts is his biggest obstacle. They keep themselves tense, nervous, anxious all the time, even when there is no need for it, thus wasting nervous energy. They
find it very difficult to release or relieve the tension so high that
it becomes a little more natural, healthy relaxation. But we have to learn to let go, to relax completely before each period of intense concentration. This is the principle of how it works: the relaxation precedes a perfect concentration. All major mental achievements were preceded by periods of absolute rest and relaxation! During
this time, the mind stores fresh energy and establishes a reserve that
will be used during the hours of intense concentration demanded by big
tasks that lie ahead. Everyone
relaxes a better way, but the complete rest, a joke or a healthy smile
must come before any effort that requires concentration. The very nature requires cycles of growth and rest. Take time to relax before a battle.


Free your mind. There's nothing better to help your concentration. Unless you are able to do so, the concentration becomes, in fact, impossible. When besieged by three demons hurry, worry and fear, the mind has a fair chance to be centered on something. But in his relaxation period, you will have an excellent opportunity to free your mind. This is your chance to eliminate all mental disabilities and to prepare for the race. Do not just rush, worry and fear must be thrown out, but anything that annoys or disturbs your serenity and peace of mind. Send everything away! You should not give in to daydream or let your mind wander. Practice meditation. Clean the horizon of your mind, give yourself a clean slate to write when its time to get concentration. And when it comes, if you are relaxed and your mind is clear, you will possess that rare thing called sanity.



Find the ideal conditions. It
is true that a trained mind can concentrate under any circumstance - in
the midst of the noise of crowded cities or between the busy hum of
traffic in the middle of phone calls and many other forms of
disruption. But
these people are already masters of concentration and this article is
addressed to those who have not yet learned how to focus. Therefore, it is a simple matter of common sense make the most favorable conditions possible. Some
of our greatest creative thinkers insist completely appropriate
circumstances and in the right kind of place for them to produce their
masterpieces. It
is true that good books were written correspondence, poems were written
in large trench, masterful speeches were designed in an express train. But in each of these cases, there was a degree of concentration strong enough to stand triumphant on the environment. Otherwise, keep in mind the following conditions:

Find a quiet place that is free of all distractions (noise is a
terrible distraction), a place free from all interruptions that could
break your train of thought (the phone is a bad shortstop). A
place where you can be alone, free from all external influences (a
friend who decides to make you a surprise visit is a tremendous outside
influence). A place of pleasant environment, where the atmosphere is beautiful or good for you. Preferences vary from person to person, it's all in the mind. While
a person could work better sitting in a luxurious chair in a beautiful
and artistic studio, another could reach the highest level of creative
thinking sitting under a pine tree on top of a lonely hill. Choose your own place of concentration. If necessary, use earplugs!

* The prison has always been in the entire history of mental achievement, a requirement for a great achievement. The seclusion evokes the climate of receptivity so that we can get better. Great things are worked in silence. Then there are the flashes of inspiration: new visions. The story reflects the assertion that loneliness is well bear a mark of greatness. And
today, this practical gift as we live, thousands of our businessmen
most successful learned this secret ... When they are alone, they gain
new efficiencies and better plan their daily business.



Make a daily schedule. A daily schedule will help keep the focus of your mind, holding your attention on one thing at a time and in the correct order. Follow a logical sequence tends to eliminate any confusion. At
various times, it has been shown in tests of efficiency that time and
energy are not wasted as the operation itself as the exchange of one
activity to another. So, in our mental operations, the inability to move from one thing to another results in confusion. And when the confusion begins, the concentration goes. Set a daily schedule is of great help to keep your mind on track. This also tends to be the salvation for those who are unable to concentrate. Try it.

* The concentration applies to all activities in life. It should be established as a habit of life. Commit to doing one thing at a time with all his might.

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