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1Introduction Empty Introduction on Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:48 pm


Hello fellow readers,

Let me start off by letting everyone know who I am. My name is Tina also known as Trending Tina, and I hail from the mean streets of New York City. I have a bachelors degree from Hunter College. I will not reveal my graduation date, because that would date me and a LADY never reveals her age! Razz

So how did I end up here and not a website like blogger or wordpress? Well for starters, the site traffic and the amount of readers already on the site was an instant sell. You can choose to subscribe to all the content of the site, or limit yourself to just this section. Either or works for me.

Another great selling point is that each post I make nets me some coin already. Because as you know, being a member of this great site Cool you earn fiestas for being active. I am looking to bring alot of information and knowledge here and hopefully one day, I can create my own site with atleast 1000 subscribers as soon as I start!

Look for more from me soon, ciao!
Trending Tina cat

2Introduction Empty Introduction on Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:19 pm


Hello Tina, it is nice to see new members here posting. I am awaiting more blog enteries from you to read. I sent the moderator here at brand fiesta a message saying that I wanted a blog as well here at brand fiesta's website. yea They wrote back and said that they would send me the details, so I am waiting on them to get back with me. I hope that you post a bunch around here and I will do the same since that the website is back up and running again. Very Happy

3Introduction Empty Back from hiatus! on Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:16 am


Hey Nash, I am back from my hiatus! I had to re-evaluate things in my life and omit was not necessary. I am glad to be back and I am going to be posting alot! Because I like to chat alot and even if it is just meant to be one sentence announcing my return to blogging. Thanks BrandFiesta for not removing just yet! cheers <== CHEERS

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