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Many online merchants, for instance,
being the best-known, have affiliate programs that pay referring sites
for visitors when their browsing leads to a purchase. In many cases,
even if the purchase occurs on a visit days after the user first clicked
over to the site, the referring site can still get an affiliate
payment. So it's financially in the interest of any content site to use
affiliate coding in links to commerce sites.

VigLink, which can be enabled on any site by adding simple
Javascript to the site's template, automatically converts links to
commerce sites that are already on a site into properly-coded affiliate
links--but only when they're clicked, so they don't look different when
users hover over the links. The service also makes it much easier for
publishers to take advantage of affiliate programs by acting as a
commercial proxy for all affiliates at once; publishers don't have to
sign up with individual programs. VigLink will take a cut (hence the
name, perhaps) of money earned.
Whenever someone clicks a link on your website, VigLink tracks it. If
that visitor goes on to buy something, and there's an affiliate program
tied to that merchant (VigLink is tied to 12,500+ affiliate programs),
they'll know... and you'll get paid. VigLink takes 25% of the
commission, leaving you with 75%.
So should you use it? Setup was instantaneous. Analytics are superior (factor for maximizing
revenue) and I think that is in a large degree what keeps them
competitive against Skimlinks. You can even see what other links are
being clicked on these pages which is awesome. Responsive customer
service (I had a problem getting it to work on the Forum and they
quickly helped me out). Ann Taylor, LOFT and Banana Republic were part
of their affiliate network…yay!

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