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How to : Seven Tips for Creating Demo Videos for Your E-Commerce Site

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How to set up demo videos for website effectively

If you run an e-commerce site, demo videos can be very helpful to your customers and to your business. After watching a well-made demo video, consumers are actually more likely to make a purchase. If you want to utilize demo videos to enhance your e-commerce site, here are seven tips that will help you make them successful.
Identify Needs

In most cases, the demo videos on your e-commerce site will be demonstrating your products, and that’s what will be largely discussed here. Demo videos, however, can help fill other consumer needs, such as by demonstrating how your website search or rewards program works. To identify the demo videos your site could benefit from the most, look to places like customer service and focus on the products and other aspects of your business that people ask about most often.
Create Evergreen Videos

Evergreen content is what will last on your site; it’s most cost-effective when demo videos can be watched again and again for years to come and still be relevant. To produce evergreen videos, make sure you don’t mention anything time- or trend-sensitive. If your demo video is explaining a process on your website, keep in mind that any changes to your website will require an updated video that incorporates them and does not show an older version of your site.
Start at the Beginning

When demonstrating a product, start at the very beginning, as if someone has just received it at their home in its shipping box. Don’t skip important steps like powering on a product.
Keep It Simple

Don’t overwhelm your viewers by trying to include every single use and feature for your product. Keep things simple, and demonstrate the core features thoroughly, rather than trying to cram in too much information at one time. Pace yourself as you go through the demonstration.
Keep It Short

When it comes to conversion, videos under 15 seconds long actually do best. Try to keep your video as short as possible, because viewers will be more likely to watch the entire video and then make a purchase. If your video is too long, you could lose their attention and their sale.
Show Authentic Use

It’s very important to show your product being used in a real world setting rather than in something like a test laboratory. Have the demonstration be performed by a real user of the product so viewers can get a very authentic view of the product doing what it’s meant to do for the average user. If appropriate, some type of expert can demonstrate your product. Don’t, however, use some type of celebrity or actor; your viewers will not take them as seriously.
Create a Professional Video

In most cases, it’s a good idea to hire a professional company that is experienced in creating demo videos. A high-quality video is a much better look for your website than an amateaur attempt, and spending a little extra money now to make the video look good will result in more conversions later, so it’s worth the investment.

This article was written by Jessica Brown in tandem with SEOMap - a group specializing in SEO keyword strategy.

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