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Funny new stand up comedian. I thought he was awesome..Comedian Derrick Culver

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I dont know about you but I hate when mofo send that damn 4am text in the morning that WAKES you up and then they ask,....are you awake?


So even after I dont respond this asshole take it upon himself to send me an effen youtube link. Really dude...its 4am? What the eff is that important that it could not wait atleast 2 more effen hours. two gorillas in the jungle making love.

Needless to say, 2 minutes into the video I had to leave the bedroom and go in the bathroom, remove a few eye boogers and continue laughing. Yeah, its that two gorillas in the jungle making love funny for a first time comic lol. I think people put that disclaimer so that if they suck you cannot be mad at them for wasting 7 minutes of your life. Once I noticed my mouth was open and stinking up the room it means I had been laughing and not even noticing. Its the weird laugh where your face wrinkles up and all you hear and smell is breath.

If you watch the video the sound quality is good, so ignore the pic quality. Its a comic, you need to be effen listening anyway.

Here is the YouTube link to check him out.. --- His name is Comedian Derrick Culver .. This is his first ever standup comedy attempt and he had me laughing.. I just had to forward it on. he is hilarious!

2 Funny comic on Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:50 pm


I needed that laugh...

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