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This AINT EASY, but its worth the effort. The HomePagePays Way!

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So, I am noticing if you did not get in the dot com bubble of the 90's, you're pretty much be reinventing the wheel and trying to add you flavor to it. Huh? Goodyear reinvented the wheel and made it able to be driven even while flat. I want to make money online and if you're reading this blog, you're here because you want to learn how to do so or just here me rant about the many perils and Sugar Honey Ice Tea of everyday life.

Earning money on the net is not as easy as everyone makes out. Im not even going to mention how many blogs there are with people looking to earn money online..(just did the search and returned About 130,000,000 results (0.15 seconds) ) So this is a phenomenon that is here to stay and still be used (or even exploited) So I just surfed. It returned information from websites to even videos on YouTube. This is something I do so easily and not even bat an eye to the thought that goes into it. So why am I going on a tangent? Well think about this: To earn money while you are surfing on Google, on YouTube, using Facebook or even Twitter or hell, just checking emails etc. is unheard off. Smart Media Technologies is leading the way in this field, Homepagepays version 1 is active now with Homepagepays version 2 being released in the new year, with so much to offer their FREE Members. For as little as view to see --->, you can have the Freedom of your own Online Business.

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