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PVP Guide for Skyripper

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1 PVP Guide for Skyripper on Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:17 pm


cant reach the Prowess of VIP's?
cant deal much dmg like the ingot user's?
so how we be strong without Being VIP?

1. Do temper your gears and enchant it
Question: how to get tempering material's?
Answer: Easy. here's a guide to get tempering materials w/o buying them trough the SHOP.

once you reached the lvl 30 you can enter the STAIRS.(5/5) entry.
you can loot Green (uncommon Gears) about 14 pcs or more! gears can be looted in all 5 entries .

GO TO -XUANYUAN FORGE- and click Disenchant
put all the item's that you got from the instance,
here you can recieve the TEMPERING MATERIALS.
uncommon Tempering Materials = +1 ~+20
Tempering Material shard's .<= whats the use of this? its a recipe to make 1 (one) Uncommon tempering mat's. just place 10 (ten) pcs. in the Synthesise
and *POOF* you will gain 1 (one) uncommon tempering material.

another question. how about the +21 ~ +40 upgrading materials? do i have to use ingots now to purchase and temper my gear to make it +21 or more?

answer : NO ! you can gain Rare tempering material (+21~+40) also by not using ingots.

Guide : Collect Blue Shard's ( can be looted at the Stairs also )
and trade them at Nuwa Decendant location (47,52)
6 pcs of Blue shard = 1 pcs Thunder Gear (lvl 40 equips.)
*you need a lot of Blue shard ofc.*
once you gained all 8 pcs of Thunder Gear's put them on the Disenchant.
and you will gain Rare tempering Material. (+21 ~ +40)
*CHANCE only. you might get Uncommon also. *

2.Equip Better Gear (When you received) with better Prowess
(Example : You had Thunder Blade, Your current Equipment is Storm Blade. Equip Thunder Blade (Prowess 5)
want to make a full EPIC set? (purple gear's.)
NOTE!: you must have thunder (blue) <-Rare set. in your WAREHOUSE. before doing the TEMPERING GUIDE above* so that you will not waste time hunting blue shards again.*

Guide: hunt EPIC UPGRADING MATERIAL SHARD at Jiuyou Labyrinth .
KILL the BOSS at 40 / 80 / 120 kill streak, and you will have a chance to loot EPIC UPGRADING MATERIAL SHARD.
here's the GUIDE to make your purple gear now.
put your Blue ( rare) Thunder gear at the UPGRADE section of XUANYUAN forge.
you need 5 pcs of EPIC UPGRADE to make your Purple GEAR.

*yeah i know it takes time to get stronger. atleast you didnt use any ingots to purchase at the SHOP*

3. Upgrade your mount rank too! (dont forget to Phase the status)
you dont need SHOP mount's like Golden Feather,Heavenly Peac0ck or any other cool mount to get stronger.
be loyal to your 1st mount haha.. yes the Cloud. Feed it with MOUNT FOOD. and increase its RANK by using Mount upgrade.
you can OBTAIN these items by doing Monster Land (TB).

4.Enlightment your Pet! (Phase it too ) but i preffer Enlighten.
you can OBTAIN Enlightment Charm R1 and R2 at Monster Land (TB) also. use it to increase Pets attribute's ( attack,def,HP) also Prowess.

5.Do level up your character!(5 Prowess every level up)
do all quest and dungeon's and you will be lvl 50 in just 1 week or less.

6.Train Your Spirit! Train Your Spirit!
Yes. this helps a lot too ^_^

7.Passive Skill.
and all the skills also..

well thats about it.. hope this Helps..
if you know more about the game kindly post it here haha.. so i will know it also.. lets share ingame experience .

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