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The food was good... but it didn't change my life.

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I ran into a friend, erm. Let me rewind.

Its your favorite blogger, BoyWonder! I do not hit backspace, everything comes from my mind to my finger tips to your great screen. Very Happy

So I was at a decent restaurant eating some good food, I love the decor and the atmosphere...(I think that is one in the same) None the less, I ran into a friend there before I was seated and he decided to come to my table and chat with me. Cool beans, now I wont be the awkward loner that goes to dinner and a movie by him or her -self. We caught up a bit and told him how my life was and my decision to become a blogger and then I asked about the food there and he says, "the food was good...but it didn't change my life."

Huh, what the hell does that mean. Shocked

Then he went on to explain what EMPOWERS him etc etc and how he paid for the dinner. He said, "I took my family out for dinner today (which was last week). By the time I included the tip, our meal was $45. Nearly twice what it cost me to join Empower Network. Empower Network has paid out over $6 MILLION dollars in commissions in the last 6 months. He got up and gave me his card and walked away.

What a seller, I ended up going to the site to see what exactly is Empower Network and why is he telling ME about it!?

Empower Network is 3 things:

1) It is a plug-n-play viral blogging system.

2) It is an internet marketing and sales training center.

3) It is a high converting sales funnel that pays you 100% commissions.

Im a blogger, I talk about Sugar Honey Ice Tea and it has high conversions. Still learning much more about it and everything else associated with blogging. Check some info about it… ~ If you're a blogger or website owner, why not check it out?


I went to the Empower Network and I really do not have $25.00 to spend on it at the time, but I can always keep them on the back burner. So is there deal selling their software?, or is it really about blogging? thanks

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