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Support this project: Cleenz Home Delivery

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1Support this project: Cleenz Home Delivery Empty Support this project: Cleenz Home Delivery on Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:52 pm


A unique crowd-funding initiative has been launched by a start-up company called Kaeron. They are raising funds for their nationwide premium toilet paper delivery service:


Crowd-funding is a modern way for entrepreneurial people to launch companies, create products, and more. You know a topic is hot when a Google search finds over 10 million results. It’s now a proven business model with numerous examples of success including several projects that have raised more than $1 million dollars each.

If you have ever heard the story of, the company Amazon bought for $550 million, then you know that people want home delivery of household items that save them money. That’s why Kaeron Consumer Products is crowd-funding to launch a new subscription service for home delivery of bathroom tissue. More homes use bathroom tissue than diapers, so this seems like a winner. You can visit the project to learn more, support it with a pledge, or subscribe early at

Cleenz bathroom tissue delivered right to your door… We are launching a home delivery service of our Premium Soft bathroom tissue that will guarantee you won’t run out of toilet paper ever again. Because we are selling manufacturer direct, we can pass on those great savings to you, our customer. It’s a fantastic deal; you get a great product at a terrific price and the added convenience of having it delivered to your door.

It took us nearly two years of product development to create Cleenz™ and to iron out the distribution logistics for the home delivery service. With your help, we will be able to launch our delivery program and begin delivering our Premium Quality Bathroom Tissue to homes and businesses across this great nation. This service is going to be extremely convenient and affordable, which is an absolute necessity at a time when every dollar counts.

Our Premium Quality Bathroom Tissue can stand toe-to-toe with any brand currently on the market and will beat any of the name brands when it comes to value.

We are offering a limited 1 Year supply of Cleenz™ bathroom tissue when you pledge $99 during our 30-day fund raising period.

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