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Gun Control and What does it mean for you.

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1Gun Control and What does it mean for you. Empty Gun Control and What does it mean for you. on Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:27 pm


The benefits of owning a gun.

It's Saturday night, you're fingers are still greasy and buttery from the popcorn even though you've wiped your hand with your napkin several times. Your kids are wide awake loving the family movie that was decided for you guys to stay in and watch. You look over and see the love of your life stuffing hand fulls of popcorn into her mouth and realize another little reason you love that person even more. As the movie starts to reach it's ending period, you start to get tired and slowly start taking heavy blinks. Feeling tired and relaxed, enjoying your family time, the movie ends and you tuck everyone in bed and feel excited to head to bed and get a good nights rest. It's dark, quiet and you are about half way through your second dream when all of a sudden an unusual noise wakes you up....


At first you're not sure if you really heard something or if it was part of your dream. But then you hear it again. Commotion coming from the living room. A disturbance of the silence you know deep inside of you should not be happening. All of a sudden things just got real! Your family's and your safety is at risk, an intruder or intruders are in your home...What do you do?

What measures do you take to protect the ones you love. If possible, of course call the police, but until help gets there then what? Don't wait to find out what these intruders have in mind. Do you have a way or means of protection? Do you have a gun in the house? What about in the room? What about at arm's reach? Owning a gun can not only make the difference in a matter of life or death but will also bring comfort to your mind knowing that if the situation ever did call for it, you have a way to protect your home.

Guns like everything, can be used for good or for bad, but they are inanimate objects and the choice is up to the beholder. Use guns safely and for good reason. With proper training and practice at a shooting range, learning to use a gun can be a fun and learning experience. Many people collect guns as a hobby, buy guns for hunting, target shooting, and other reasons. But the most important of them all is for protection and safety.

With all the tragic gun violence that has happened, including the movie theater shooting in aurora CO, and shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, gun laws are on the verge of changing. President Obama has has already taken action. Here is a list of the 23 executive actions he can take without congressional approval. As of January 16, 2013 the president and his administration will:

Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions

Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.

Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the health insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.

Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.

Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.

Propose rule making to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun.

Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background check for private sellers.

Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.

Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations.

Release a DOJ report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement.

Nominate an ATF director.

Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations.

Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.

Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies.

Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.

Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.

Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.

Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education.

Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover.

Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges.

Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations.

Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health.

President Obama proposed a few other law changes as well. The ban on magazine clips higher than 10 rounds. Universal background checks, increase federal funds for national background checks, the mental health parity act, which equalizes mental health services and access with other “traditional” forms of medical care. Obama also wants to reinstate the assault weapon ban. In 1994, congress passed the original assault weapons ban, banning 19 types of military style weapons like AK 47, Uzis, and other semi-automatic rifles and pistols for 10 years. Obama wants to fight for gun control and bring the ban back.

With Gun control policies changing, now is the perfect time to obtain guns. Not only to protect and keep your family and self safe, but also because our given right to be able to own guns as we please is going to be affected in one way or another. So if you've even thought about buying a handgun, shotgun, rifle, assault riffle, or any other type of firearm now is the best time to look into it. Why pay more than you have to for any gun. If you are interested in getting any gun at almost half the price, then you have to check this out!
Click here to find out how! Hope this article was informative and thank you for your time.


Hector Salazar

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