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Easily offended? (DO NOT WATCH THIS!)

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1 Easily offended? (DO NOT WATCH THIS!) on Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:35 pm


>>>>>>>> DON’T SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU (Empower!)

It's your favorite blogger, BoyWonder, and as always I will share the latest and greatest whenever I can! And...AND....AAANNNDDD don't say I never ever ever ever showed you a room full of people (mostly, who have never been in a "leadership meeting" before)... whom are producing results and winning contests... ;and expanding their vision (and their bank account). The good news is: I'm going to show you why...... There is more room at the top than the bottom. AND - give you a good reason to start moving that way. CHECK THIS OUT …: ( Empower! ) And its not about all business all the time with me. My aunt was recently diagnoses with some weird disease cant remember the long burro spelling but nothing the less the effen pills cost an arm and a leg. Someone in the pharmacy asked me if I had an android. Huh? This is the pharmacy not a authorized cellular retailer....He says, "Did you know you that there is a free, yes FREE, Android App can save you up to 85% off your medications? Use at your local pharmacy and right now. Save NOW So I went to the site, click the app and sure enough it worked. I seen it before in my neighbors mail....PLEASE DONT ASK!!! And they had a discount pharmacy program and I am all about the savings, because money saved is money earned. Use it TODAY! They have saved cardholders over $350,000,000!

HOLY COMMON SENSE BATMAN, you'd be a fool to miss this!

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