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How to earn extra fiestas.

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1How to earn extra fiestas. Empty How to earn extra fiestas. on Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:18 pm


Posting a "how-to" article on brandfiesta can be not only just rewarding but entertaining and educational. Posting an article will net you 10 fiestas. However, if you request your article to be reviewed by our staff, you will upon approval earn an additional 100 fiestas! This is no daunting task, there is just a few things needed to make sure your article is approved.

No duplicate content - if your content can be found somewhere else on the net, it is a duplicate.

No spam content - information that clearly says you are trying to sell a product is not allowed.

Poor grammar - imporoper improper spelling, no punctuations, non-English content, etc. is not allowed.

So as you can see as long as your article is in English, make sense, and is not a sale copy, it should be pretty darn easy to make the extra fiestas.

Click here to get your article reviewed.

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