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About us:
BrandFiesta is a social web directory with advanced social features, article marketing, and guest blogging capabilities. We conduct our business via Fiverr, where you can view rave reviews on our abilities here that we continue to improve on a daily basis.

Attention Fiverr / SeoClerks customers (click here):
Do you understand the principle of an RSS feed? If not I will explain, basically after a gig is complete whether it is an article, blog, or directory listing, it is all fed to our RSS feed. This is how all 100,000 plus members are sent a notice about your message. They come to view it and if they want to know more, they click your link. However, unlike other solo ads it does not stop there. Your message is sent to different ping sites and social media sites, so now your message has an even greater reacher beyond our email subscribers. Feel free to subscribe so that you can see your listing in action.

If you have a directory listing, you need to make sure that you continue to send us news on your site at least every 4 months to make sure your listing stays active.

So....what makes this site better than other directories, blogs, and article marketing software?

Fact #1. Our website is social. Your message is automatically sent to our over 100,000 email subscribers. Directory listing, articles, and select blog posts are sent to over 500 ping sites. You have the option of sending to 15 yourself (members only).

Fact #2. Our directory PR is low at the moment but it is rising fast just like our traffic. Your site will gain PR juice + benefit from our traffic. Did you know we are the only directory to submit your information across the web socially. Want to know how, see Fact #1.

Fact #3
. We are the best paying company for articles and blogs. Blogspot and Wordpress do not do that and Ezine is hard to make money with.

Fact #4. This should have been Fact #1, You earn money for everything you do on the site....EVERYTHING!!!

Fact #5. Is your blog not making you no money? Well register to be a guest blogger here and earn money for all your posts.

If you're not a member yet, what are you waiting for it's free.


Let's start off with the purpose of the website. It is to help you build your brand. A page is built to give your customers an understanding of who you are and what you are about. When a page is created we ask the users to answer these questions:

1. What is my business? - This is an opportunity to tell what your business is, what the name is and what you are offering as far as services and/ or goods.

2. When was my business formed? - People like to know how long you have been doing what you doing, this lends to credibility. The longer you have successfully been in business, the more likely a person will use your service.

3. Who is my business targetting? - Your site may not be for everyone, you do not want to advertise porn to children, so who are you targetting?

4. Where is this business doing business? - Your business maybe online but you might only be able to service clients in the local area.

5. Why does your business exist? - Here you explain what the need was that you saw and how you fufilled it.

Now you may ask yourself, with all that information provided, why and earth would you need to continue and get a directory listing as well? For starters, all the links on a brands page are for members only so they are not viewable for non members of the website. This is to prevent spam of a free section that we offer.

Here's a major plus, all directory categories are listed in our ppc campaign across various vendors such as Google Adwords, Yahoo!, Bidvertiser, etc. (just to name a few)

By taking that extra step and getting a directory listing, we know you are serious about marketing your business and we want to be serious about building your brand.

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