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How to Choose a Good Waterproof Jacket for Kids

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Choosing a good waterproof jacket for your child is important to keep him protected from rain and the elements. A good jacket should also allows sweat to escape so that your child will be comfortable at all times. There are several things to consider when buying a waterproof jacket but first, what is a waterproof jacket? A waterproof jacket has the ability to resist moisture and water. But it’s not as simple as that. A good waterproof jacket is tested in a lab to know exactly how much water it can resist.


Since the jacket will be worn by your child, it is very important that the garment is breathable to keep him comfortable. This is especially important if the jacket will be worn during activities such as climbing, hiking, biking, etc. Any activity that will raise your heart rate requires a breathable jacket.

Parts of the jacket

You should also consider the parts of a jacket when shopping for one. Your kid should be able to pull up the hood even if he has a helmet strapped on such as when he is cycling. If your kid likes wearing a hat, there should be ample space under the hood to accommodate it. You can also get a detachable hood or a foldable hood that you can pack into the collar of the jacket. Some jackets are equipped with drawcords for you to be able to pull the hood snugly around your child’s face. This protects your child’s ears, head and neck better. A hood awning lets water slide off its surface. There are also jackets with chin guards to protect your child from wind or snow.

Zippers are another important part as they encourage air flow or seal your jacket shut to protect you from the elements. There are underarm zippers and full or half zips. Some zippers are also protected by a storm flap. Some jackets have compatible fleece that you can zip up whenever you need more insulation.

Pockets are great additions especially if your child likes to bring his iPod or PSP wherever he goes. Pockets also keep your child’s hands warm.  


It’s important that you choose a non-restricting jacket that’s comfortable and flexible. If you need to layer up the jacket with fleece, you should get a bigger jacket for your kid.

Design and length

The design and length of your child’s jacket depends on the weather conditions and the activities he will be doing while wearing the jacket. Choose jackets from short to long lengths. Some also have drop tails and snow skirts.

Other considerations

Remember that for a jacket to be fully waterproof, it needs to have fully taped or sealed seams. Price is an important factor when choosing a waterproof jacket. Although you have a budget to stick to, if your child needs to use a jacket half the year, then consider investing in an expensive jacket. Remember to choose one that has all the factors discussed above. If it’s just for light rain and school, you can go with a lower-priced model. Invest when needed and save for practicality.

Take your child with you when buying a jacket for him or her. Your child can fit the jacket, choose the color that he/she wants and get the design that suits his or her personality. This way you can be sure that the jacket is of perfect fit and will be worn and enjoyed by your child.







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