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Laughing and Making money, what can be better?

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1Laughing and Making money, what can be better? Empty Laughing and Making money, what can be better? on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:54 pm


Its your favorite blogger here, BoyWonder and I decided admist all the money making ideas I come across sometimes we forget to laugh a bit. Laughing is very therapuetic and healing. Especially when you find your self getting those migraines from bashing your head against the PC Mad So I was looking to learn to dance, just to pass some time while blogging and Sugar Honey Ice Tea like that. And I come across this up and coming comedian Derrick....Hmmm Derrick Derrick Derrick, why does that name sound so familiar? confused Holy crap I spoke about this guy and he's teaching how to dance: I think he's at like a Coyote Ugly and he's literally upstaging the dancing girls on the stage! Even a freaking patron of the bar tries to join in with the fun! Totally Hilarious!

I needed the laugh after reading about how this one guy made over $3800.00 from one friggin sign up! There's over 100,000 subscribers here, imagine if they were that one sign up....

HOLY COMMON SENSE BATMAN! ---- $380,000,000

Id so never have to work again, but you know once you taste money you'll always want more! lol! See how easy it is to Make Money with this company. Real results and One on One Training. Check out the video and then click the link below for more info. Video If you dont want to watch the video then just click here for more info: Neucopiatour

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