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How to get a free Unique Rewards account

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1How to get a free Unique Rewards account Empty How to get a free Unique Rewards account on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:21 pm


Unique Rewards is a free to sign up website. Unique Rewards is a paid to click website. Members get paid to read emails, paid to watch videos, paid to sign up for offers and paid to click on advertisements. Members at Unique Rewards have to have a balance in their account of $20.00 to cash out funds into their paypal account. Once that a member reaches the $20.00 cash out amount, they become a Gold Member of the website.

Daily visits to Unique Rewards adds up. Visiting their website daily is like dropping so much change each day into a piggy bank and watching it grow. Since that I have been a member of Unique Rewards website, I have made over seventy dollars clicking, watching
videos and signing up for free offers.

Unique Rewards also offers monthly contests. Each month there is a different contest to participate in. This months contest is to post a funny story about money on their Facebook page and whoever gets the most likes in the month of February gets $30.00 added into their Unique Rewards account. I wish that I had a funny to story enter about money for a chance at the $30.00 contest this month.

Unique Rewards has just recently added a new feature to their website. Members now can listen to the radio and make money. Yes, you read that correctly. So if you spend a lot of time online each day, I guess that listening to some music while surfing, posting, or doing
whatever activities while online, can now be a rewarding experience. Unique Rewards offers a variety of music to be listened to.

So, your asking, how do I get my free account with Unique Rewards? Simply go to,, click on the link that says earn easy pay is just a click away, enter your information, and you are ready to make some free money on a daily basis.

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