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How to get a free Two Dollar Click account

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1How to get a free Two Dollar Click account Empty How to get a free Two Dollar Click account on Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:12 pm


Have you ever heard of Two Dollar Clicks website before? Just recently, I was performing online searches of how to earn extra money at home, and that is how that I ran across Two Dollar Clicks website.

Two Dollar Click is a free to join website. With a free account, members can expect at least five daily advertisements to click on. With each advertisement
that a member clicks on each day, each click is worth two dollars a click. So, add it up for yourself and figure out if Two Dollar Click is worth your time.

Two Dollar Click pays it's members either by PayPal or by PayZa. To be able to cash out on Two Dollar Clicks website, members must have a balance in their account of one thousand dollars! Yeap, you read that correctly, one thousand dollars. So, what would you do with one thousand dollars? When members reach their pay out amount, payments are sent out on a net sixty basis. The recent proof of payment section on Two Dollar Clicks website is full of payment proofs from loads of their members.

Two Dollar Clicks premium packages range in a variety of things, like for example, a banner advertisement for two dollars and fifty cents, one month for the golden monthly package for nineteen dollars and ninety five cents or the ultimate monthly package for a total of thirty nine dollars and ninety five cents.

Currently for a premium member of Two Dollar Clicks website, there are thirty eight advertisements to be viewed. You do the math then, thirty eight times two
dollars a click equals the grand total of, seventy six dollars.

So how do you get your free Two Dollar Click account?, just simply go to:, click on where that is says register, fill in your information, and you are ready to start clicking and making money on a daily basis.

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