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Planning and Investing for the future

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1Planning and Investing for the future Empty Planning and Investing for the future on Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:59 pm


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Hey its your favorite blogger here, BoyWonder, and as always I always talk about what's happening now or something that will make your life better. Well today, I talk about the latter. But in a grand sense of things, it IS what is happening NOW! Some of my readers are approaching that life where you get to enjoy being a kid again. No work, no worries, no What a Face With the rocky global economy, its almost no where you can put your money safe. I watch my parents 401k go from $500,000 to $140,000. My grandmother (God rest her soul) was only able to collect 2 years worth of her pension, where does the rest of that go... Question

As she became sick she wanted to switch to a lump sump, but that was impossible. What company would ever want to do that? Well now, if she was still here, she would have been able to claim her entire pension and her loved ones left behind could enjoy her pension as well. I welcome, or should I say I present to you: Lump Pension

How friggin awesome would that have been. Get weekly payments that disappear when you do or receive a lump sum that you could have to invest and really enjoy life.


Lump Pension's work with your personal finances in a way that is the most lucrative for you. Now your money does not need to be broken into small amounts. Get lump sum settlements for pension buyouts, pension loans and more. You can count on us for excellent services in structured settlements, annuities, lottery payments, pension buyouts, cash in pension and lots more. Whether it's pension payments, notes, secondary annuity, royalty payments, inheritance etc., just reach out to LumpSum Pension Advance and receive the best possible deal.

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