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the Devastating effects of NOT returning a phone call.

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You don't return phone calls, let's go WAR!

Hey its your favorite blogger here, BoyWonder, and I said when his dad was in the dynasty we are going to war...and you think little Kim wouldn't want to continue the dream and follow in daddy's footsteps? In the latest news of things, North Korea has been flexing its military might and advances in technology with doctored photos of such presumed might! Let's get this straight...everyone and Americans hate America. Except me, I love my country. But is that really enough to want to war us, like what is the problem?

Let's step back...lets take it back to February of this year, when Dennis Rodman decided to shoot the Sugar Honey Ice Tea with Kim Jong-un. Everything seemed awesome, everyone was all smiles. Here's a joke. Three guys walk into a room, Rodman, Jong-un, and Obama, what do all three have in common??? They all like basketball! alien I know weak but it is the TRUTH! So Kim says to a departing Rodman, "Tell Obama to holla atcha boy". <--Not actual words but something along those lines.

Fast forward to now and we have a Furious Kim wanting to war. Huh!? What you talking about Willis!!?? Uh did Obama EVER MAKE THAT PHONE CALL??


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