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Blogging made easy!

Hey its your favorite blogger here, BoyWonder...and DO NOT WORRY, I will not bombard you with news today that is pretty much injected every where we turn, news, pc, word of mouth, etc about the Marathon Bombing. Nope, I will not mention it at all...well, except to tell you that I wont mention it. Today, I had a letter from a reader and it basically said, "I want to start blogging now, HELP ME!!!". affraid

Ok....calm down. I got something that will help you get started, when I say started I mean jumping out the plane and hitting the ground running. A guy, we will just call JCreatis and brandfiesta. How can both of these people help you?

BrandFiesta is the outlet you can begin using to reach and find your audience. Sure its free to post here, AND you get paid to BLOG but let;s see Blogger or Word Press offer you that. And JCreatis can help you even further by making a Word Press blog with any topic for $5!! OVER 500 SOLD!!

HOLY COMMON SENSE BATMAN >>>> that's a winning combination!

JCreatis is an expert with Word Press installation (if you decide to go that route). You get a blog with topic you choose with 20 post with YouTube video... some successful bloggers do two blogs a week. Thats 52x2. 104. I'm no mathematician but that's a mere 6 gigs. You can have a years worth of blogging done in no time. Reach a target audience with a great niche. 500 Fiverinians cant lie! cheers

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