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One of the most useful ways of getting your business noticed.

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Get your business noticed today!

Hey its your favorite blogger, BoyWonder, and we are going to with the help of my friend, Thomas Jay, discuss how the use of business cards can help you improve brand awareness. So you own a small business selling whatever it is you sell, but you're having a hard time with sales. You give excellent service especially in comparison to other new small businesses, and what you sell compares in quality. All this considered, nobody really knows about your business. So how exactly do you get your name out and let people learn your trade? Although it's small and you probably thought right over it, a little 3.5 x 2 inch card might do it all. Business cards do a lot more than you think and can honestly make or break a business.

A Great Investment

They are and completely worth the investment. At about 250 cards for ten dollars they make a solid business strategy no matter what economic position your business is in. It’s an incredible deal simply because of how much they offer. Every business card, if delivered correctly, is the potential for a customer. Ten dollars for 250 business cards comes out to four cents a card. Can you afford four pennies per customer? What if these new customers share your product or business, and bring even more customers from their pool of friends? You're ten dollars has doubled or even tripled your sales.


Easy To Access

Business cards are super accessible. They fit in pockets, wallets, folders - they're portability makes them far better than flyers. Just buy a batch and distribute them through friends or hand them out directly. It's such an easy way to gain publicity for your business that there is no sense in not getting them. Even if half go to waste, they are only four cents a card. People like having connections and answers for others. Even if they don't need your product at the time, they will refer people in need to you, or they will know your businesses name for the future.


Business cards are usually custom made and they allow for any variety of styles and designs. This allows your business to flaunt itself in any way it wants. It can be professional or even relaxed. The ability to create and improve the look of your business card improves over all functionality of your business and its ability to become a well know place.


Another unbeatable benefit of business cards is their convenience. They are convenient for you and the customer, friend, or stranger you are giving them to. They are easy to pass out and they are just as easy, if not easier, to pull out and use as a reference when your service or product is needed by the one who received the business card.

Guest : Thomas Jay is an avid writer and marketing specialist for Success Strategy Partners. He believes that both personal and business success coaching programs can provide you with the tips, tools and expert outside perspective to help you achieve your goals.

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