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How to survive a water spill on your laptop

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1 How to survive a water spill on your laptop on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:07 pm


This is NOT a professional technical tutorial, just my personal experience!!

Most of us do drink/eat when we use our computers/laptops. Chances of spilling liquid on on laptop/keyboard is high.

I experienced it once and i'll share with you what I did.

Case: Plain water at the left side of laptop keyboard.

I DID NOT shut down my machine because I was panicking and busy wiping the liquid off.

(Note: It's always better to shut down and remove all power supply and battery when spills occurs)

Then my laptop shut down on its on, 3 minutes later. And I DUMBLY tried to turn it back on but it won't.

(Note: NVR TRy to turn a water spilled laptop ON! It may get a short-circuit and there goes your parts!)

So in the end i turned my sis laptop on to search for help BUT I GET CONTRADICTING METHODS!!

There is this site that says "use hair-dryer" and another that says "NEVER use a hair-dryer"!!

SO in the end, I decided to use what I've and tries to 'revive my laptop'.

1) I went ahead and dry my laptop with a hair-dryer but from quite a distant. (I focus on the keyboards and ventilation at the side)

2) I packed uncooked rice into small plastic bags and make little holes i the plastic bag. (I was told rice could absorb moisture) The reason i put the bags is so they won't actually slipped through the gaps and gets into the laptop!!

3) I get DRY tissues and laid them on top of the keyboard, along with a small packet of rice, I cover the laptop so the rice and tissue are 'trapped' inside.

4) I get tape more packets of rice at the sides of the laptop where I believe moisture and water could escape.

5) I put the whole laptop in a zip-locked bag and seal it tightly. For I believe if there is still moisture, it would be absorbed by the rice and moisture from outside wouldn't be able to enter.

6) I leave my laptop in this ugly situation for 3 days, changing the tissues everyday and turn it back on, it worked, but still half my keyboard wasn't functioning well ... other functions are performing good though.

7) Prepare to sent it for repair or get a external usb keyboard Smile

SO you may think I was just lucky and the tissue and rice have got nothing to do that helped the situation. I can only say, on the first day, when I replaced the tissue, I could feel that there is some, little moisture on them.

Ok, hope this will never help you ... LOL
I don't think you want a water spill right? Cool


Thaks iot si a very nice post.

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